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January 28, 2011


North Hunterdon High teen breaks up mid-terms with disgusting smell

(Thanks to Barbara A.)


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Now that's a tall crappucino.

sounds like he's Ivy League material. If by Ivy League you mean community college dropout.

Note to mom: throw out that mug asap.

Send that kid to Malawi.

Gaga's scent has been released!

I guess he passed.

Well, at least he didn't "dispose" of it in the school cafeteria food.

One child did leave something behind.

Would this kid be related to Mudstuffin by any chance?

Put it back where it came from.

Conjunction junction,
a private function.
Stinkin' up classrooms
and makin' them smell bad.

Conjunction junction,
what's your function?
I'm gonna get expelled,
or an ASBO*

* = It was an English class?
ASBO - Anti-Social Behavior Order

Smells like teen spirit?

I'm betting he's single. For a l-o-n-g while.

Just plain SOL.

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