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January 31, 2011


Drunk driver excited to see breath test score

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Maybe it was a personal record.

“I'm excited to see what I blow,” she said

- which leads into the next headline:

'Man sucker punches roommate'

my, my - someone's had a busy day

Guys, maybe she's single...

Well, she passed the test. High score?

She wanted to see if it was as high as her IQ.

She was, however, surprised to learn that the test involved exhaling, not inhaling.

or blowing, not sucking...


Auditioning for Cops?

Lindsay Lohan and Sean Penn live in Summit ?

*snork* @ siouxie...

♫ 'She goes in and out & in and out & in and out & in and out...

Cause' she's playing all night
And the music's all right
Mama Siouxie's got a squeeze wine box
Daddy never sleeps at night'


Here's the soundtrack from the video:

"I won! I won! Woo hoo!"
*flop* *bounce* *skid* *crumple*

That's a scary town. I saw a notice for "Boy Scout Troop 187" on the sidebar. What do you have to do to join, pop a cap on a crosstown Campfire Girl?

This blonde chick walks up to a coke machine, fishes a few quarters out of her purse, slots them into the machine, and "ka-chunk kunk clunk!" a coke (doesn't matter what flavor) comes out the bottom. (The "of" in that sentence is intentionally left out because ahm writin' in Suthin, y'all.)

"Whooo-Hoooo!" exclaims the blonde.

She fishes more quarters out of her purse and slots them home.

"Ka-chunk kunk clunk!" Another coke comes out the bottom.

"Yeeeeee-Hawwwwwww!" yells the blonde.

This goes on a few more times, until the guy waiting behind her says "C'mon, lady. What are you doing?!"

She turns and says "DUU-uuh! I'm WINN-ing!"

Good one, bonmot. She was probably excited because it was the highest she had ever scored on any test. Including her SAT's.

*adds to resume* - "High test scores!"

“I'm excited to see what I blow,” she said as deputies put her in the patrol car.

So were the deputies.



It's like golf honey, not basketball.

I wuz mildly intrigued to notice that the sucker puncher (boy, THAT'S a loaded phrase ... go ahead, use it ... I'm done with it ... ) and his roommate have a very primitive abode ... no floor, apparently, becuz one pinned the other "to the ground" ... but they din't go outdoors durin' the fight ... unless ... sloppy journalism?

Nah ... couldn't happen ...

I'm excited to see what I blow.
I'm pretty sure that's a line from a movie I saw on pay per view last week.

Thar she blows!

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