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January 20, 2011


Norwegian Boy Fends Off Wolf Pack with Heavy Metal

(Thanks to Mitch)


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Creed is heavy metal?

If he'd had Mary Banilow, he could have put them to sleep AND given them nightmares.

*knows what to pack into his emergency abandoned-in-the-woods kit*

Ya know, lead counts as a heavy metal, especially when rapidly expelled from a Smith & Wesson. Would have been even more effective...

Wolves with taste. Who knew?

The Navy tried this during WWII, except Heavy Metal hadn't been invented yet.

He should have tried Copacabana. Then, the wolves would know true fear.

betcha he had to wash THOSE jeans when he got home...

I've fended off worse with a picture of my mother-in-law

Slightly OT, altho it might be wolf-related - has anyone heard from Meanie today? There was a police sting in NY/NJ that nabbed over 100 bookies, and coincidentally, Meanie isn't here. Normally I wouldn't ask, butt I'm not normal he owes me money.

When facing predators, don't EVER act like lunch.
Lunch runs.
Self-confidence makes the animal uneasy and prone to backing off.
The kid did well.

I'd have gone with some Warren Zevon.

Steve, unless you're in LA, 'cuz we bad-ass rude. Bwa-ha-ha....

I don't understand why he didn't just use a big stick...
Isn't it good,
Norwegian wood?

@annie-the-where-but-here: FYI - here's the latest list of arrested mob members from today's daily news:

"Tony Bagels"
"Vito Love"
"The Claw"
"Baby Fat"
"Jimmy Gooch"
"Johnny Cash"
"The Beard"
"Johnny Pizza"

nope. no "meanie-the-blue"

(*snork* @ 'johnny cash')

He better be careful... sounds like cruelty to animals, if he was in some parts of the US he would probably be arrested.

I'll bet Annie likes her some Norwegian Wood.

Creed? Heavy metal? That's a stretch. Now, Rammstein would drive off some wolves.

Real nice comment, bonmot. You're from Houston, aren't you?

I hope Meanie the Bookie Blue is okay.

Me, too. Nursecindy. According to Sandy's note, at least they didn't catch him. Yet.

So...no word on Meanie "Leave the gun, take the cannoli" the Blue?

Now THAT'S a tough neighborhood. I've heard of bullies who steal a kid's lunch, but these guys intended to have him for lunch.

The worst I've used Heavy Metal for is to stay awake from Fargo to Bismarck.

Thanks to Jeff's tip-off, I got out of the area just in time. Gonna have to endure a night in Buffalo, though. (I got "family" there.)

Good to know you're safe, Meanie!

My experience with wild wolves in Canada is that they are curious, but not aggressive. You are in far more danger from many dogs than from wolves. If confronted by dogs, try playing Justin Bieber music.

Good one, Meanie.

More on Sandy's list of arrested mobsters:

The indictments listed colorful nicknames - Bobby Glasses, Vinny Carwash, Jack the Whack, Johnny Cash, Junior Lollipops - and catalogued murders, extortion, arson, drug dealing and other crimes dating back three decades.

Jack the Whack?

How seriously can you take someone nicknamed "junior Lollipops" anyway?

"jr lollipops" got licked?

of course, we have our own 'gangstas':

dave "The Blog"
judi "The Barber Ho"

Walter "Penis Bone"

Siouxie "The Machete"

Just heard that 83-year-old Luigi "Louie" Manocchio, who went by the names "Baby Shacks," "The Professor" and "The Old Man" was also arrested.

Accumulating nicknames with seniority.

According to Sirius/XM, these are heavy metal bands: Pantera, Slayer, Metallica, Lamb Of God, Megadeth, Slipknot, Sepultura, Machine Head, Testament, Fear Factory

Also from that page, a program I shall miss:
Every Bloody Night Midnight - 1 am ET
The most extreme death, grind, goat, Viking, black, satanic, vomit-gore metal show ever! Featuring bands like Dying Fetus, Nile, Deicide, Cephalic Carnage, Goatwhore, Napalm Death, Behemoth, Immortal, Decapitated, Suffocation, Pig Destroyer, Skinless, Vader plus a hell of a lot more!

jeff "The Submitter"


sandy, he also goes by Jeffy "The Whiner" ;-P

haha siouxie - u be "the BOX Winer", girl

*snork* Busted!! lol

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