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January 25, 2011


Get over it.

(Thanks to oneblankspace)


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I love the idea of the cheeseheads driving from wisconsin to homewood to buy a car from this guy.

Bear fans are usually fairly tolerable, unless I've had my judgment skewed by exposure to Viking fans.

What happened to Freedom of Speech? Isn't this what we fought for when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Sore loosers.

Why am I sensing that Chicago is not on the receiving end of major sympathy from the greater Miami area?

p.s. I'm counting on alla y'all in Fins' country to become temporary Packer fans in a couple of weeks. I mean, what have the Steelers ever done for you?

Even I was cheering for Green Bay against Chicago and I am a dyed in the wool cowboys fan, back when they use to play football.

They should have settled it in overtime.

For a car salesman, 6 weeks is about an average ride. Hopefully the publicity will help him get a better gig.

Can you say Suicide advertisng move by the dealership that fired him. I'm sure that they will lose business.

It might be fun to email the dealership: "I was going to buy a car from Mr. Stone today but now I don't know what to do. Do you have his home phone number ?". How many emails do you think they'd reply with ? (I'm guessing 3 a day for 20 days).

I thought you couldn't fire people on religious grounds.

...well, Texans know think football is a religion...

Chris, in Packer country it's WAY more important than that.

Eagles and Falcons and Bears, Oh My!
padraig nailed it. Religion is only about eternal bliss or damnation. Now the Super Bowl is at stake.

And I am SO darn pleasantly surprised by this NPR thingy that I'm gonna post it right here so you will know why you should all be Packer fans now.

Keep it up, pad, and I may just have to become a Packers fan for a day (specifically, Feb. 6). People who are that weird strike a special note in my otherwise icy heart.

My team (the one who's stadium is blue half the time and green the other half) somehow didn't even make the playoffs this year, and their green-stadium-mates, whom I also like, were busy rubbing boogers on each other while their opponents managed to earn a trip to Dallas. So, now, I need a reason to care.

Good article padraig. Has your bratwurst thawed out yet? That was you in the picture wasn't it?

The Packers will give your life new meaning MtB!

And cindy, my bratwurst is always hot, beer-soaked, and extra plump! And I NEVER forget the sauerkraut!

So according to the Bear-Fan-in-Chief, we should cheer for the Super Bowl Champs like we cheer for the Science Fair champions? Guess whose team lost on Sunday.

Obama is a Steeler fan when the Bears aren't playing. Rush Limbaugh is a bit of a Steeler fan too. Surely one of those is Reason enough to root for the Packers.

The article doesn't say which rival hired him:


It worked out for him

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