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January 28, 2011


Man Tries to Remove Insect From Ear With Vacuum

(Thanks to kibby F5)


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". . . but it came out in the end . ."


Good idea. Nothing can live in a vacuum.

Before using the vacuum, Mr. Chinn tried rolling a small stone around in his ear, but...

no luck


'a rolling stone gathers no moth'

While fishing one late spring day, I was sitting in a virtual cloud of honey bees attracted to the flowers around me.
Suddenly, I heard a BUZZ and a misguided bee landed on my left ear and climbed down into my ear canal.
Despite what has been alleged, I knew it couldn't go very far. But hearing that buzz and feeling those little legs scratching taught me just how much we can put up with.
I gritted my teeth and gripped my thighs so tightly that I later found bruises. But I did not go digging at my ear. This was a honey bee, after all.
After exhausting her options, the bee reversed course and left, alive and unharmed.

sorry, I have not read the story yet but any headline that has the words, Guy, remove and vacuum has to be good. so many possiblilites I almost hate to read it.

Steve - apparently your bee recognized that your wax was not his. That guy's moth apparently got stuck in his earwax.

“I bent over and shook my head about, I held my nose and blew as I hard as I could, but it just wouldn't come out.”

Did he think the backed up air, from holding his nose, would blow the moth out of his ear? He should have tried a flashlight. Turn the lights off in the room, turn the flashlight on next to your ear, and the moth should fly out. Of course in his case he would have had to plug his nose so the light wouldn't come out his nostrils also.

Where are those Vietnamese ear pickers when you need 'em?

Ohhh, this one is really interesting about Vacuum. Vacuum cleaning is the great way to clearing.

Good luck cleaning that vacuum.

I bet the moth cried after it was removed. Did you ever see an old moth bawl?

Perhaps there already was a vaccuum there?

Guess he didn't have the proper amount of suction. he could have used one of those Dyson Moth Balls.

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