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January 24, 2011


The Happiest Penguin Ever.

(Thanks to ScottMGS)


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Try the decaf next time, dude.

There comes a time in every penguin's life when he finds out he cannot fly.

Just too cute.

I love penguins.

If you could translate from penguin, he's yelling "Packers win! Super Bowl! Packers win! Super Bowl!"

And yes, I will be exactly this insufferable for the next two weeks. At least.

So cute! I agree with padraig. He's saying "The Packers won! The Packers won!"

Looks like he's trying to keep warm...

...and stunned jets fans sulk in the background...

Oh, and Gotta Love Them Steelers!!! Owned the first half, took a snooze in the second, then WOKE UP to win. Should be a great Super Bowl.

He must be a Pittsburgh Penguin.

Driving that train, high on snowcaine, Frosty Jones is ready, watch your speed.

sandy - My condolences. Who're you gonna root for in the Superbowl?

That's not happy, that "AIEEEEE! They put cayenne in my herring!"

Sandy, I know how to cheer you up. How about the blog takes up a collection to get you a plane ticket to Pittsburgh, a crowbar, and a map to Troy Polamalu's condo? You could have a little fun a la Tonya Harding.

Don't forget to take a lock of his hair as a souvenir!

When and where did Tom Cruise get the tux?

(Looks good..)

i'm goin' with green bay. an 'all green' super bowl would've been cool, but now that my guys are out i thing aaron rodgers is awesome.

football season is waaaaaay too short, imho

One rarely sees that much activity in a flightless waterfowl that isn't being chased by a seal.
My guess is that he just got over that monumental constipation.

That's probably a Rockhopper Penguin or a similar species. It's no big surprise that he hops, with or without sappy music. Bah, Humbug.

"OK, the tryouts for "Happy Feet2" will begin in a few minutes."

Casting call for "Happy Feet", or "Antarctic Idol"?

I thought this was going to be the one where another penguin comes up and knocks him in the head with a flipper. I used to have that one on my hard drive, but I can't find it.

Thx Sandy, and I promise I'll root for the Jets next time I see them.*

*As long as they're playing the Bears, Vikings, or Cowboys.

Holy Rockhopper, Batman!

I think it's a squirrel in a tuxedo and he doesn't have the penguin mannerisms down, yet.

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