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January 17, 2011


It's the intersection of earth and sky.


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And just where in the Sunflake City is the Dave Barry Lift Station? I found the Marilyn Hagerty Lift Station on one of my last trips up there.

For those of you just itchin' to know, grandcities.net is no longer. But don't despair, it has been replaced by thegrandcities.com. If you like truck accessories, you'll love this website.

Here in Michigan, we're considering a name change, too. The new name I'm suggesting is Toodamncold.

The humor lift station of blogs.

Personally, I would be much more likely (it still wouldn't happen, but slightly less unlikely) to visit North Dakota if it had changed its name to Palmetto Bug.

*recommends "South LA"*

Kibby, you joke but a very iffy part of Brooklyn - Bushwick - has (somewhat) successfully started calling itself "East Williamsburg" to attract the hipsters who can't afford Williamsburg.

Hey, if you're from out of town and don't know any better...

A proud tradition of SoCal is to rename image-challenged areas by putting "Rancho" in front of the name. Hence, "Rancho Cucamonga," "Rancho Lohan," and "Rauncho Kardashian."

We're thinking of changing the name 'North Carolina' to Quitsnowingdammitthisisthesouth. It's snowing AGAIN today. And is supposed to snow again Friday.

If you go a bit farther north from Palmetto Bug, you will get to Bob: (story) (web site)

Yeah, we were thinking up here of changing the name of Washington State to just "Ington" so it wouldn't get confussiated with that other Washington, but then that whole ING thing happened and....well....

Just another hysterically funny example of how his Daveness won the Pulitzer. Seems to me it is about time for a "two-fer" Dave. Come out of relative seclusion and go for it again.

Ah, yesssssssss ... I r'member it well ... when Dave wrote this, and it ran in the local (Grand Forks) paper ...

Of course there wuz many of us who thot the idea of deletin' "North" wuz stoopid even BEFORE Dave called the idea to the attention of the world ...

oneblankspace -- I've been to Dave's Lift Station ... it's in the southern portion of the metropolitan area ... I've not yet had the chance to visit Marilyn's tho ... mebbe next trip ...

... and ... that "interection" where the air meets the dirt? If one dislikes traffic jams, it's a good place to go ... no stoplights @ that intersection ...

I'm pushing for the "South of Texas" to gain formal recognition.

I refuse to concede "South of" to the French.

Dakota and Baja Dakota?
I knew a guy who moved to Fargo several years ago. We haven't heard from him since then but we hear it didn't improve his mood.

He's probably in the Tank, detoxing.

We do alot of that in Cold Dakota.

Because, yes, Dave, they are drinking or smoking something to rid themselves of the 6 month winter bluueeuuessssss...

Where the sky meets the river and mud and is mostly made of Bulls**t. Or Buffalos**t.

Now I have two reasons to visit North Dakota! Dave's Lift Station and Mt. Rushmore. Yes, I know Mt.Rushmore is actually in South Dakota but I couldn't think of anything else in North Dakota. What days are they expecting summer to happen on this year?

We're lookin' @ a Thursday* this year, n'cindy ... avoid the weekend rush that way ... but the time Friday gets here, summer will be over ...

*Possibly in June, tho July or August is more likely ... and we've even had summer in September and October a few years ... book your transportation now!

Also, n'c' ... one of our (well, my) favorite jokes about the difference between Sodak and Nodak appeared on postcards and buttons, and mebbe even a billboard or two, quite a number of years ago ...

It's a rendition of Mt. Rushmore, and Theodore Roosevelt has a "thought balloon" over his head. It sez: "I'd rather be in North Dakota."

(TR credited his ranching experiences here with making him the man he became, one who made a lot of good things happen ... National Parks, Wildlife Conservation, yadda, yadda, yadda ... )

Dave, I just want to say for the record, since I was born and raised in New Jersey, that changing the name to "New" won't help.

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