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January 28, 2011


The therapy where customers’ dead skin is nibbled off their feet by garra rufa fish has raised concerns that the fish would have to be starved to behave in this way.

Key Name of Fish Store That We Are Not Making Fun Of: Maidenhead Aquatics

(Thanks to trustf8)



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Maidenhead Aquatics? How about not making fun of Peter Hiscock?

*snork* @ dave & ford...

'Peter Hiscock, manager of Maidenhead Aquatics, in Peterborough Garden Park, Eye...'

Hiscock manages Maidenhead, in Eye???

(check 'im out, you single girls - Hiscock is kinda cute)

Isn't it just easier to do it yourself? No, I don't mean the nibbling.....

The hardest part (on the fish) is sterilizing them in the autoclave between customers.

Wait, you left out Ben Truslove.....


So...have the fish nibbled on Hiscock?

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