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January 28, 2011


Baseball Player Quits, Says "I Don't Deserve $12M"

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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If pigs are flying, there is no way I'm looking up.
Canada geese are bad enough.

Also, hell hath frozen over.

If it has, then the Great Snow Serpent will soon be there.

Good to see at least one honest man in professional sports.

Might be the first time I've said "Send him to Congress!" and meant that in a good way...

Now maybe my Royals can take the money they've saved and invest in some good, healthy players for a change. But I'm thinking, with their track record, that that might be too much to ask.


Well, he's already made %50 mil from baseball. I figure once I've tucked away my first $50 mil my ideals will start to kick in.

Yup easy to be noble with a few million in the bank.

He should give it back to the Yankees. That's where the Royals got the money in the first place, via the luxury tax.

17 days until pitchers and catchers report!


I thought they were already there. NTTAWWT.

Good for him. It's nice to see some integrity in professional sports. Wes S., my first thought also was, "Send him to Washington"! Yes he had already collected $50 million but at least he had the integrity to realize he didn't deserve more and would be happier back home in the bayou. I'm sure more of the players that drain team pocketbooks with their endless injuries will soon follow suit. THEN pigs will fly. I hope Mitch Albom finds out about this. I would love to read his thoughts on this player.

This is wonderful. Not that he wasn't living up to his expectations professionally, but that he did measure up personally.

Ya gotta ask how much is enough. Now if only we could spread this attitude to Wall Street.....

And the Royals deserve to get back the $12 million they paid him? I don't think so.

I know it probably seems like he already has so much he doesn't need more, but how many athletes or politicians ever do something like that? I think sometimes most people when they get that far ahead just feel like they have to make more and more.

I'm impressed by this guy.

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