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January 30, 2011


Chihuahua named Bandit Rubio wins pet look-a-like contest dressed as Donald Trump

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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First I would like to know how Mr. Meyerson found time to send something in? He has been tearing up outlet stores, with his sweet wife, for the past few days on his way to Florida. We missed you while you were traveling, Jeff. Poor Bandit. He looks like my late chihuahua, Brutus. btw Dave. I heard 'The Donald' may be running for president in 2012. You can take him.

uh, the donald is blonde. and be afwaid even if that little pooch comes to getcha, for dressing it up.

I'm gonna side with PETA on this one. No animal deserves being made to look like him.

Bandit's hair is a lot more lifelike, if you ask me.

Well cindy, we each have our roles. She shops, I look for Donald Trump stories

Juudiii -- Jeff broke the blog again!

In the photo, The Donald has an extra ear, so he can hear all the yapping at him in 3-D?

not me

It's okay, Jeff. Just don't think about the credit card bills while blogging.

Has anyone ever actually walked up to the Donald and asked if he's hiding any crop circles in that hayfield?

I'm just putting this in to see if Jeff's breakage is still in place.

Oh, and I'd say the Donald looks like a dog, but I like dogs.

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