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January 28, 2011


Malawi bill seeks to punish public farting and fortune tellers

(Thanks to Wayne Wood)


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I'll read your palm if you'll pull my finger.

Well the whole idea just stinks.

Reminds self to never take Mr. Coconuts to Malawi...

The winds of change are breaking..

Uranus is rising in your second house. I see legal action in your future.

my family is in biiiig trouble

It's just political posturing, people. It won't amount to beans.

They mentioned a kangaroo court.

what if it's one of the 'roos thats farting?

And as dave said, if one farts and tells a fortune,
will the death penalty be enacted?

Odor in the Court!

If I was a fortune teller there I would definitely see a dog in my future..
"It was the dog!"

Key quote: “passing gas” with the intention to “mould responsible and disciple citizens”.

In university, after my roomie had burritos and Lone Star beer, I did feel molded by the gas.

Let's hope Mel Brooks stays way outside the country.

We need a free enterprise solution. Give everyone a limited amount of fart privileges, and allow those with gurgling guts to buy credits from people with more self-control. It's called cap and trade.

Alimentary, my dear Watson.

That's going to wreck havoc with sauerkraut sales.

Ralph --- wouldn't that be "Crap and trade?" Heh.

I read fortunes for a living (don't laugh), so I'll just be adding Malawi to my "places never to visit" list.

Do they really have the time to try and jail every teenage boy in the country?

Wingnut...it is a worthy if unobtainable goal.

Oh, blow it out your ass.

I wonder if lighting the fart would result in a lesser penalty?

They should see this coming...

What do farts have to do with crystal ball$? Is there
a chemical reaction or something?

*Checks while trying not to panic*

They listed "insulting the modesty of a woman". Whatabout the lack thereof?

*smacks oneblankspace*
If you can't find anything nice to say, put a cork in it.

Also *SMACKS* the stuffing out of oneblankspace.

Is a Bronx cheer equivalent to making threats?

Bingu wa Mutharika? Can I see the subtitles, please?

I shouted "Bingu!" once.

Like my hard drive, it turns out I didn't have the free space....

Stupid environmentalists. Always complaining about gas.

Wolfsong... no chemical reaction. However, there is resonance to think about. It leads to a fuller sound with richer overtones. Preferred everywhere but in Malawi.

So it's still ok to fart under the covers and annoy my wife, huh? Phew, I was just worried about the crystal ball thing, ya know?

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