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January 27, 2011


Study: Male Viewers Find Sexy News Anchors Distracting

(Thanks to Kendall Avery)


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Megan Kelly says some stuff sometimes that I . . .

What did she say again?


I am?

bon, I drool over Shep ;P

Snork @ Bennie

Siouxie you can have Shep. I'll take Phil Keating any day. He's the best reporter on TV. I'm not sure what he's reported about but I do know I really enjoy it he's very knowledgeable .

Actually, cindy...I may be going to hell (shocker, I know) but I also drool over Father Jonathan.

Oh yes! I'd forgotten about Father Jonathan. He is nice.

This explains all the female Fox anchors.
Also: Father Jonathan? Should I have heard of him or am I just displaying my ignorance for all to see, again?

Steve, he is a Fox News contributor/hunky priest.

Here is the most distracting news anchor in all of Cheeseland:


She has been known to distract the male population here two or three times a day.

you guys aaallll love to get ur headlines from the broad casters

I sent this in, too, but I included my photo, which must have distracted Dave. Again.

It's a curse. *sigh*

She's o.k. padraig. I still prefer Phil Keating and Father Jonathan.

"In particular, sexual cues harden men's perceptions ...

They do, indeed.

Maybe, cindy, but Phil and Jon prefer Leigh. ;)

Seriously, if you saw her in action, she flirts with the camera so badly that Sarah Palin would be embarrassed. She also has a Twitter feed that from what I've seen is 70% exclamation points. What a journalist!

padraig, you deserve better. She looks like a trannie I used to know. Does she have 'man-hands?'

Which explains why Skins actresses will move into News after MTV cancels their kiddy porn show.

padraig, is her twitter feed sort of like this?
omg! There's been a car wreck! Probably because there is a cold front coming in which will give us more snow! Oh no! There's been a murder! That's sad : (

Alert! Alert! Rain is wet.

As you were.

Surprisingly no man mentioned Barbara Walters.

Mentions Barbara Walters.


And MSLSD has Rachael Maddow. No man remembers a thing she says either. I think Keith Olberman is the only one who watches her, and look what happened to him.

Babwa Wawa?


I can't remember a word Lara Logan ever said.

Any DC scions remember Tracy Neale?

My goodness, pad has the temerity to link to one good looking anchor babe and the claws come out. You might need to borrow that inflatable helmet Aaron Rodgers uses, pad.

It's difficult to watch Rachel "maddog" Maddow - she talks sideways.

Shep and Father Jonathan are both fun to watch. You left out Neil Cavuto and Jonah Goldberg. I think there's some of the cutest guys on Fox News. Both very smart and funny.

Alert! Alert!

OMG, sky blue, grass green, snow white!

Please return to your homes.
There is no cause for alarm.

OtU, GRB/RAN ... ?

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