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January 31, 2011


A birthday party in Nenana turned ugly late Saturday after two sisters began fighting, one fled to the bathroom, and the other then shot through the bathroom door, Alaska State Troopers said.

Once again, incredibly, alcohol seems to have been involved.

(Thanks to Mark Buckley)


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Nenana, nenana.

White Christmas comes to mind. "Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters."


Adds "unlocks bathroom doors" to list of 1001 Uses for Large Caliber Hand Guns.

Old Joke Dept.:

Bob, a retired widow, decides to chuck it all and move to the Alaska wilderness. He finds a secluded cabin and is assured that the nearest neighbor is 25 miles away on the other side of a mountain.

He's settled in when after about a month there's a knock on the door. He answers to see a grizzled old coot standing on the stoop.

"I'm Eugene, your neighbor from the other valley. Just wanted to drop by and say hello, introduce myself, and invite you to my annual post-Winter bash."

Bob thinks for a second and decides, well, if he's going to live in solitude, he might as well enjoy a chance at society, however slight. So he says, "OK, Eugene, maybe I'll come."

Eugene says, "Great! Now, I have to warn you, there's usually a good bit of drinking goes on at these things. Man can't handle his liquor would best to bear that in mind, comport himself accordingly."

Bob replies, "No problem. I enjoy a drink as much as the next man."

Eugene says, "Good, good! I probably need to also let you know, sometimes at this thing, things get a little out of hand and a fight or two breaks out. There's no predicting it really, but it has been known to happen."

Bob replies, "Oh, no problem. I was a Marine once. I'm sure I can take care of myself."

Eugene is once again pleased, and turns to leave. Then he says, "Oh, one last thing. Sometimes at this party, there's a good bit of sex. I guess the loneliness of living up here is just too much sometimes. You won't have a problem with that?"

Lonely widow Bob says, "Well, I *was* married but my wife has been dead a few years now. Maybe I just might be lonely myself."

Eugene nods, and says, "OK, well, the party starts on May 3rd, that's a Saturday night, so mark your calendar." He turns once again to leave, and Bob stops him.

"Eugene, one more thing -- what should I wear to the party?"

Eugene turns with a wink. "Oh, it doesn't matter much, Bob. It's just gonna be me and you there."

So...The Palins got out of hand again?

Good one, Brian.

And if someone came in to rob the bar, she still had a few rounds left for self-defense.

-Charlton Heston-

dawg...Sarah wouldn't have missed. Just sayin'

*snork* @ Brian's joke!

You never buy a home with just one bath. Sometimes, you just gotta go.

Once again, the benefits of being an only child become glaringly obvious.

They have Chuck E. Cheese in Alaska?

Up there they call it Chuck E. Freeze.

JEEZELY, MtB ... that wuz MY line!

(Only I would've prolly mentioned that it wuz #3,472 on the list of "advantages of bein' ... " and so on ... )

Steve (whichever one you are), never buy a home with only one exit. You never know when you have to go.

"She came in through the bathroom window door..."

This should motivate the Department of Homeland Security to elevate the Tritt level.

Well golly gee! who woild have thunk that alcohol would cause a problem! The heading should be changed to-Alaska Unsociable Note!

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