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December 23, 2010


How men celebrate Christmas

(Thanks to Loudmouth and debby)


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Gah! First to say, I want some, too!

This is beyond belief. I'd actually like to try that feast...buy I'm a guy.

That is disgusting! I want to be there so bad.

Wonder is they have any fried Reindeer seasoned with magic mushrooms? yum.

Dinner's on the house.


Jack Daniels Bacon Grease Egg Nog?

*vomits copiously*

Let's see part 2 when they go to the emergency room.

Coronary In a Cocktail!!

For real men. Real STUPID men.

I understand that if they pump your stomach, you win!
(until you get the bill.)

(And assuming you survive.)

I prefer the much less macho Jack Daniel Apple-tini.
If there is one. Or the Barbarcue sauce.

Just saying.

Jeff, I couldn't get past that part either. Why would you ruin a good drink with garbage like that? Blecch!

What a waste of perfectly fine Jack Daniels.

Dammit, Jack - there's no thyme!

Good grief...just watching it, I could feel my arteries begin to clog...

I want to be there so much...

If you're not hungry, here's the display version.

I'm down with the concept, but...
Filet?!!? These heathens contaminated the best piece of cow with that other crap?!!?

London broil, hacked-up top round, ... all would work just as well here. Don't screw with the filet.

That Cheezewiz oozing out was the tops. Nacho cheese might be the only change. I'm sure my doc would give me a 10 day supply of industrial Lipitor to compensate.

One Jack Daniels, please, hold the bacon grease. And the Cheesewiz. And the ground pork. And the....

Pain... in chest... radiating down arm... can't reach phone... Call 911... Ask for more bacon...

Yeah, it is all fun and games -- until you keel over from a coronary. Bah, Humbug!

I can see I picked the wrong week to start dieting.

The egg nog is extremely "iffy" but I just ate and I'm suddenly hungry again.

Picked the wrong week to give up bulimia.

just go for the party Christmas night.

just go out for party at Christmas night.

TypeScrooge got it's hands on Dave.

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