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December 14, 2010


Read this.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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By the same token, were there moments over the course of the series where even you had to admit to yourself, this is totally preposterous?

A.Oh, there were tons of those. There were a lot of eye-rolls, honestly. There were some times where I would come to work and be like, “I’m going to say that?” And then once you get into the world of it, sometimes things would surprise me. The only thing that’s fresh in my memory is Season 8. I love Katee Sackhoff, I loved her character, I love her acting. But I was like: “O.K., really? She’s a double agent, now she’s a triple agent. No one detected that before?”

But I can't believe she didn't say her favorite scene was tasering the guy in the bar.

Wait, 24 wasn't a sitcom?

What's happened to the dead guy stuffed in the cabinet?

Now I understand what "24" references...it's the producers' IQ.

bonmot, he's still in there...with his stapler.

Personally, I think 24 would be dead dull without Steve.

Or Edgar.

He's not in a cabinet. He's in the wall!

Freckles is a bitchy lawyer on NCIS tonight.

Chloe with stun gun, Chloe with a machine gun, Chloe with a pistol, Chloe cranking on Janene Garaffalo.

I wanted to read the whole Chloe tribute but THERE'S NO TIME DAMMIT!

*shoots spammer in the thigh*

Tases spammer while wiredog shoots them.

*stuffs spammer in wall - tosses in stapler*

*sits on spammer*

She's still hot.

Stuffs spammer in wall with Janene Garoffalo.

Kudos to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for finally electing the great Darlene Love, as well as some guy named Diamond.

Saw MLR doing improv comedy on Drew Carey's old show and thought, geez, they at least have ONE person on 24 with some actual entertainment skills. Besides Agent Freckles, of course. Different kinda talent.

*shoves spammer in airtight room, turns on the Edgar gas*

The blog is sleeping in this morning.

*pushes spammer into the handbasket*

Ah, Chloe. How we miss ya....

Stuffs spammer in wall with Janene Garoffalo.

Posted by: Loudmouth | December 15, 2010 at 08:26 AM

Preferably after using the stapler to staple both their lips shut.

*drums fingers waiting for new material . . .*

What happened, Jeffie not send anything in today?

Can it be possible that for one day, there are no humorous incidents to report?

When in doubt, go to CSI: Niceville.

Let's draw straws to see who goes in to wake up Dave.

______________ <----- my straw

Lets just start posting our own.

Greatest action sequence evah.

I tucked him in, Punkin. You can wake him up. See if his hair is perfect first thing in the afternoon.

that must be where dave is, to see neil diamond at the rock HOF. yah. that's the ticket.

Maybe Dave celebrated National Monkey Day a bit too much.

You don't think he went to Vegas to catch a Manilow show do you? Or maybe he's watching them tape an episode of Jersey Shore? I just hope the Kardashian Sisters haven't kidnapped him.

Or how about this

Thanks Loudmouth! I don't see Dave running a 3K though. Especially in a speedo in Canada. Although I was sort of hoping some of the guys speedo's would slip a little when they were doing the push ups. I've been reading this blog too long. My innocence is dwindling away.

There are TWO Kardashians? Isn't one bad enough?

Well, sure I sent in something Loudmouth. Nothing too exciting, just Insane Bus Driver Brutally Murders Snowman.

And then there was the guy in Ireland who decided he was tired of his neighbor's dog getting into his house and decided to take matters in his own hands...so to speak.

I believe there are three of them, Elon.


My guess is that Dave is out celebrating with crazed Neil Diamond fans.


Why don't we list our favorite own posts over the last year?

Give us what you think was your best quip, line, pun, link, whatever.

The Best of the Blog, 2010.

Aren't we an anarchic little bunch (with not enough to do)?

Jeff and Elon,
Yes, 3 Kardashian kooks. But they also have a couple of younger step-sisters who haven't yet reached the age of slutness.

Chloe was epic in Season 8 24 when she was in charge of the whole of CTU! I couldn't believe it

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