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December 09, 2010


Here you go.

(Thanks to Vernon Bowen)


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-1 meter! No Closing Ceremonies for me.

Of course I do. Why do you suppose I spend so much time here?

20.6 meters.

Try alternating w+o and then q+p.

He looked like was doing the splits the whole time, but was going.

This is just painful.

Way to go, Steve24!
My guy is competing in gymnastics with the face plant.

My first attempt was 1.5. Every one after that was backwards.

I just managed to bend him over and fall down. Kind of like my sex life.

whatever it is, the geniuses here have it blocked. i will have to waste time at home.

*falls backwards, strikes head... sues the qwap outta qwop*

My little man just kept falling down!


Curse you, Nannybot!

How am I supposed to feel like a complete idiot now? *Looks around*

Never mind.

I am using my office mate's computer to report that I just kicked the screen in on my monitor after running -2.5 meters three times in a row.

My guy did a "face paint" (sorry, white-out) but looked like a thin White guy trying to "Moonwalk".

I went -7.8 meters, a new record!

Flat on my rear behind before I crossed the starting line. Sort of like my high school sports record.

I am extremely adept at going backwards and falling down. And I'm getting pretty good at cursing.

Too close to reality.

Holy sh!t. You mean my +1.5 took second place?

If you manage to achieve complete idiocy by reaching 100 yards, your reward is a designation as a National Hero and the opportunity to start again.

They must think I'm a complete idiot.

OK yr daveness...I now feel like a complete idiot and wish I had that 10 minutes of my life back....I coulda been a contender....I coulda been a Mother Theresa....

Instead, my record was MINUS .7 metres....

22.8 achieved entirely with the left heel and right knee. Meanie, thanks for warning me. I think I'll retire from active competition.

3.7m, and about a dozen back flops.

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