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December 31, 2010


Obscene snow sculptures.

WARNING: Images of obscene snow sculptures that have been electronically blurred to protect their identity so they basically look like random white blobs.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody and Janice Gelb)


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First, plastic reindeer, now this. I would like to know where these people get the time to do all this stuff?

I'm thinking those folks have all day to make penis sculptures.

Must have been a reeeeeeaaaaallllly slow news day.

Frosty? You look ... different.

Is there snow in Singapore?

^Bhutan.... Tomato, tomato... whatever. I get confused when I see so many blurred groinages.

If Cary Quad (across the river) is still the way it was when I was there, you can bet the residents there just got a great idea for what to do when they get back from winter break...

What's the point of having a news story about snow dicks and then you blur the images, WTFBBQ. You guys should get out to the rest of the world sometime, away from the nanny society.

Yeah, Mot, but it was in a "family neighborhood" where parents shelter the kids in chains in the basement for years.

Many years ago when I lived in McCollum Hall at the University of Kansas a few of the male residents built a GIANT snow penis much bigger than the blurred images. It was the hit of the hall for three days until a prudish RA kicked it to peices.

One man's fun or art is another's obscenity.
But snow is temporary...so why get all bent up at
a snow phallus? Would a snow nuke be more acceptable?

Why is (are) human genitals more offensive than
a nuke, than war, or racism?

Those questions, I suppose, are beyond the powers of this blog to know or answer.

I was gonna send this in, but I got distracted staring at blurred snow phalli.

*Wonders if it's twue what they say about snowmen. Stupid bwuwwyness*

You can get a gun for opening a bank account but a snow penis is offensive. Every little boy has one and every little girl is fascinated by them.

What the kids saw was "disturbing"???

They were laughing until their tightass parents saw, snickering until the TV cameras showed up with mama coaching, and going out to build their own snow monuments that evening.

"Fascinated by them?" I wouldn't say that....oooh, shiny!

I believe Rihanna opened for Snow Penis.

Well, I hope it was good for her, Annie. Looks like it made him all blurry.

Hey - I was in the pool!

Much preferred snow anatomy.

Having spent many years in Lafayette/West Lafayette (and, KJP, starting in Cary Hall) this is somehow poetic. Purdue University is in West Lafayette, and the town is (or was) the buckle of the Bible belt.

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