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December 29, 2010


The Phalluses of Bhutan

CAUTION: Phalluses.

(Thanks to Mr. Ted Habte-Gabr)



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I do believe that drainage pipe was sporting a mullet.

*waves @ Ted Hoppity-gabber* - I met you years ago at the LA Times Book Fest at UCLA, where you quickly denied all knowledge of mullets, past or present.

I can see why the sign said "Happiest Kingdom on Earth".

Oh, we have those, too, only we call them politicians and they bring bad luck.

Yikes. Don't let the doorknob hit ya where the good lord split ya.

Does the local Hooters serve wings, or a regional dick dish?

Local hockey team mascot.

Didn't the Phalluses of Bhutan open for Madonna?

Didn't the Phalluses of Bhutan open for Madonna?

Some how this is a natural post for Mr. Happy Grabber!

I think it would make a good movie title and I can just hear the trailer...

"In a world.....where evil...."

someone finish it

Not sure about the trailer, but I imagine there's a happy ending.

>Didn't the Phalluses of Bhutan open for Madonna?

Other way around

the word "phalluses" anagrams to "as he pulls".

or "a she pulls".

And all the work was done by only four skin removers.

Good one, Mot! I couldn't help but notice they all appeared to be circumcised.

Where can I buy the calendar?


Why was Ted H-G looking up phalluses anyway?

Inquiring minds...

"And they are pretty, too." ???? Well, she did take a lot of pictures.



*schnorking at qb and eil already*

That may take the record as the trippiest youtube video I watched in 2010! Bhutan has moved up on my "list of places I'm probably going to avoid."

but keep in mind that a schmuck is a mean putz, and a putz is a stupid schmuck. there are gradations, after all.

Can I get an 'AMEN' for the gradations?

So where do schlemiels and schlemazzles fit in there?

So what's a schmutz?


It is the Him-will-lay-hers. Sorry.

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