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December 01, 2010


The robbery attempt was foiled by a brave female employee wielding a package of empanadas.

(Thanks to Matt Filar and Jeff Meyerson)


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And give her a contract with the Redskins.

Too many empanadas will kill you.

'When a loaf hits your head
It's not just any bread:

BTW - Anybody know where I can get any Red Bull Hats?

Which is why we're in favor of empanada regulation - don't want them in the wrong hands.

Or --
Es por eso que estamos a favor de la regulación de empanada - no los quieren en las manos equivocadas.

I like my equivocadas vinaigrette style, NUMA.

The robbery attempt was foiled but the empanadas were plastic wrapped.

Just imagine the damage she could have done with a burrito.

Avocados for abogados!

*snork* @ NotSherly: Curses: Foiled again!

Good for her.

Assault with an empanada is an intentional tort-illa.

Just imagine if she had a sloppy joe--wrapped or unwrapped--instead of that empanada!

When empanadas are outlawed ...

bom comeco

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