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December 23, 2010


SANTA'S reindeer will be flying higher than ever this Christmas - after munching magic mushrooms. Scientists have found that the animals regularly eat the mind-bending fly agaric fungi in the wild.

(Thanks to catmanmax and Jeff Meyerson)


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Visions of Rudolf? It's all in your head...

Well I might go for some magic mushrooms if it would make things here less dreary but I am not and will not try the drink mentioned at the end of the article. Yuk. and I say again in Capital letters YUK

Donner: Say, Rudolf, man, you're nose, it's like glowing. Seriously, dude.....

Rudolf: Quit goofing, man. Take a break from the 'shrooms, OK?

Donner: Wow. OK. That was weird ..... anyone else hearing jingling bells?

Nothing says Christmas like Reindeer piss

I think it goes without saying that "Agaric Fungi" W... well, go without saying...

Our cat's nickname is "Shrooms" -- a point that needs a lot of explaining that starts with the cat having a peace sign in its fur

So Cheech and Chong were right...

santa's not here, man...


They are so stoned they think they are transported to
another dimension...

okay, where can I get some, without the piss? (LOL)

No dude, first you get stoned, then you drink the reindeer urine, OK?

And yes, Reindeer Urine WBAGNFARB.

Seriously, bad'shrooms can kill.

I also miss the traditional Shooting in the Thigh
that Jack gave. Nothing quite matches the greeting that a bullet from Bauer gives!

"Mom, how do the reindeer fly?"

Let me get this straight - Santa lives underground at the North Pole so he can avoid the NARCS and grow 'shrooms for his fly deer?

Maybe Jerry Garcia really was Santa.

OT (mostly)/ Merry, merry, everyone. /OT

Who gets ticketed for the DUI, Santa or the reindeer?

A raindeer license generally ends very badly for a raindeer.

inserts e to replace a

"Dasher's not here, maaaaaan . . ."

Nice insights, Annie ... tnx for that ...

When Son #1 wuz in HS, the other kids used to call him Mushroom, becuz he wuz such a fun guy ... (IANMTU!)

It may taste better with vodka.

Red squirrels also eat it regularly, but it's hard to tell afterwards whether they're tripping or just normally deranged.

Annie, pretty good article. I never knew they made bikerdude guinea pig leashes.

You know what's next.

♪ We won't go until we get some
We won't go until we get some ...♫

Hey, bloglits, Annie could use a few hits. (Her link. I'm talkin' about her link!)

So, how exactly does one collect reindeer urine? Not that I really want to know...

Coconuts, I expect they follow it around with a bucket or pan and hope it happens soon.

It takes big bucks.

I read Annie's piece. Nice job. Where would you walk a Guinea pig? And why?

....and a zip lock bag and duct tape.

Pogo, any where he wanted.

Thanks, guys. He and his bike were extras on "Sons of Anarchy." ISIANMTU. Very nice guy, but don't laugh when you see him walking his pet.

Note to self: never get so down and out that I have to take a job herding reindeer.

Annie, that was an excellent article. Well-written, poignant and enjoyable to read.

At some point you may wish to ask his Daveness about the proper care necessary for a Pulitzer...keep this up and you may need the advice.

I know how it is. I left Florida this morning and wound up on my wife's farm in Kentucky with 2 inches of snow under at least an inch of ice. It's freezing and I would love for this experience to be altered.
Oh, and everybody on the Interstate is an idiot, except me.

Steve, your comment about everybody on the interstate reminded me on an old George Carlin joke. He once said, "Have you ever noticed that when any one is driving faster than you they are a maniac. If they're driving slower than you they are an idiot. If they're driving the same speed as you they are suspicious". I agree with every word of that.
Great article, Annie! Congratulations! All I've done today is bake. Swedish cookies, brownies, Red Velvet Cake, pumpkin bread with cream cheese icing, sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and macaroni and cheese. My entire family is getting together for Christmas Eve and I'm the designated baker and macaroni maker. btw, I do not use mixes for any of this. I'm exhausted. Merry Christmas Eve Eve everybody!

Nice information, thanks for this, and Miley Cyrus is Christian.. doesn't that explain a lot?

I had heard that Carlin joke and howled. Because those are the exact terms I use.
I'm in the middle of cooking, properly, a country ham for a dinner that has been moved up 24 hours due to the weather forecast.
Nice to know I'm not the only one in the kitchen.
Merry Christmas to all my Christian friends.
BTW, I walked OVER the snow to get to the car this morning. Too much ice to break through to the ground.
(I have to drive to the front gate to pick up the paper. Isn't that a bummer? But it's almost a third of a mile, one way. And I'm a wuss.)

Finally, time to go Christmas shopping.

Merry Christmas Eve, everybody!!! Just my husband, mom and brother this year. No cooking or baking, I miss it but our house isn't accessible for my mom. We'll be cooking a nice meal tomorrow at my brothers.


Steve, if they actually deliver a paper somewhere in the vicinity of your driveway, you're not truly in the country. We had to drive 10 miles into town for the paper, through the snow, uphill both ways, and by golly, we were thankful for that.

Annie, it's only a driveway in the loosest sense of gravel. It goes down the hill to the culvert, then up past a family cemetery with graves 150 years old. Then up to a plateau, across a field to the cattle gate. The gate is 1.7 miles down a country lane from the nearest crossroads-a "town" of maybe 200 people.
Right now, it's a skating rink. I don't seem to be having the trouble my wife and her family are but I lived in Michigan one winter and have been immune to driving on snow ever since.
Yes, that's bragging, and I will undoubtably pay for it later.
Call the tractor.

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