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December 31, 2010


To those who've been asking when it'll run: Sunday.


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Can't wait Dave

Reviewing the year on January 2 should make for a paragraph.

*Waits patiently for Sunday*

Is it Sunday yet??

What about now?


*tap* *tap*

Which Sunday?

Can't we have a small preview Dave? Please? We won't tell anyone else. *SMACKS* Horace for being a smartie.

Sir Barry,

I would like you to know that every day I go to google News and type: "Dave Barry" "2010" and everyday, all i see is the holiday gift guide (which was brilliant, but is so, well, "Mid-Decemberish"). Can't wait until Sunday.

I'm guessing alcohol, Florida, and Snooki are involved. Also, Dave.

Also all 37 Kardashians

The TSA should probably take tomorrow off.

Annie & Siouxie - I'm as jaded as anyone, and much more so than most, but....jeeeezzzzz.

*gropes tomorrow*

I would like to see a new show - "Sarco-Coastal Smackdown." It would pit comedy writers from each coast against each other. Dave and Gene, and whoever they could defrost in NY, vs. Crrraig Ferguson, Conan, and I guess we'd have to invite Leno. Whichever coast loses would get the Kardashians. No, wait, we Westies will lose this set-up. Lemme think...

I would like to see a new show - "Sarco-Canuck Smackdown." It would pit comedy writers from the US against Canada....

We can wait.

After all, there was a lot of classy stuff that happened in 2010, the material is so ... Rich... he probably can't put the word processor down...

Dripping in sarcasm here...

*Hands EB a towel*

(throws towel back. Can't be dripping in anything but snow here)

just for-the-hell-of-it, why not call it 'The Rear We View'?


How about just the Year End Ass-essment.

Now, children, we must be patient. A good column has to ferment and age. It needs to be brought to the peak of perfection.
Then, like a good wine, you pop that cork and chug.

I have been patrolling the interwebz, just in case WikiLeaks broke the Dave Code and published the 2010 rear-ender. Sadly, no. So we have to wait. Bummer.

OR, since it's already 2011 in New Zealand? We should be allowed to read it now. Fair is fair. I mean, we have to put up with Hobbits and Australians all year long...


I've had my Google alert for "Dave Barry 2010 Year in Review" running for two weeks straight. I'm eagerly awaiting Sunday's "big reveal." This has been part of my New Year's tradition for six years running!



Fox cancels 24 movie!

(Let the quips about shooting Fox executives in the thigh commence!)

/ OT

Can't wait (gonna half to i guess) for
the YEAR IN REAR-VIEW...two days from
now about last year...2010.


"24" actually has a script?????who knew?

The year is soon coming that will be so bizarre even Dave Barry can't parody it. 2010 has a shot at it.

Thigh shots are too good for them. Stick them in a room with a canister of death by diarrhea and no TP.

"24" actually has a script?????who knew?

They could always have each actor equipped with a (insert product placement)phone or (insert product placement) pad or a (insert product placement) computer screen from which they read Wooden Dialog Generator text as it's produced. Some of that 24 realism.

But, but...

See, reading the "Year in Review" after our New Year's toast is a tradition for us! And we had to go to bed with this strange sense of emptiness.

I am nearly as grieved as I was when you criticized N__l D_____d's grammar.

It's posted (link deleted by the s.b.)

Great job, as usual, Dave!

Please don't post links to Dave's stuff from papers other than the Herald. They are invariably edited, or posted before they are allowed to. Thanks!

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