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December 26, 2010


Option 1: Attempt robbery with your iPhone. 
Option 2:... Anyone?

(Thanks to Mark Buckley)


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I don't think there is an option 2. He needed money for his child but he had an iPhone?

I'm not an expert on crime and robberies in general.
However, I believe the preferred method is to go into politics.

Or Wall Street banking.

I'll second what Cindy said.

There wasn't an app for that.

My first thought too cindy.

I think it's unanimous - He had an iPhone?

sure he did - check it out, the "poor" in this country (those on welfare, who live in HUD housing) have t.v.'s, cable, air conditioning and two cars. i am not making this up.

these are your tax dollars at work.

Amen, cindy. All these people with no jobs walking around with Crackberries and half an Apple store on them. What's up with that?

Robber: "I got a weapon here. Give me the money."
Cook (doing a Crocodile Dundee): "This is a weapon. F#ck off, loser."
Robber: "Just kidding! Merry Christmas. Gotta go."

so we would feel more respect for him if he had stolen the iphone, too?

(but then he could've hocked it and gotten money that way...i give up, thinking like a criminal makes my head hurt!)

Never bring a cellphone to a santoku fight. Smart phone, dumb owner.

Fire up the lump of coal app.

I'm reminded of Humphrey Bogart in the "GREAT OMALLEY" (I think). There are a lot of losers/broken/damaged people out there. What the h#ll do we do? It aint easy. I have to admit the point that he couldn't of been too desperate and have an iphone (which I don't have and could probably afford). Have him clean toilets.

I would never flame "go ahead, flame me" over that subject. I remember the neighbors when we lived in subsidized housing growing up. My parents scraped by on a one paycheck income. The neighbor was receiving money from every program out there while her son dealt and worked under the table. darn it, there goes my blood pressure.

Happy New Year everyone.

My exact thot also, n'c' ...

Once when I wuz werkin' in AZ, I went to Waldo's for sum basic supplies ... a kid rode up to me in the parkin' lot, and said, "Can I ask you a question?"

(My usual response to that when my kids said it wuz, "You just did ... ")

Passing on that chance, I said, "Sure ... "

The kid wuz wearin' sum Pro sports team jersey ($200?), and ridin' a perty fancy bike ($300 + up?) ...

He sez, "Can you give me sum money?"

SImple answer wuz "No." But I seriously thot about tellin' him to sell the bike and the shirt and get a job ... but he'd've prolly beat me up ... (I'm old, y'know)

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