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December 22, 2010


Sam Koch wins Ravens' cornhole championship

(Thanks to John H.)


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Koch hits that cornhole every time!

The first time I realized this blog was influencing me was when I saw a sign at our VFW that said, "Corn-hole Every Saturday Night!" I couldn't stop laughing. It has become very big here although I've never played it.


I'd watch out for those "undisclosed winning contributions".

How is Koch pronounced?

And, I don't know if I would advertise cornhole in the locker room.

"Koch was the TOP SEED." Get it? A little Bal'mre humor.

Baltimorons Cornholed by Koch again

I am the Great Cornholio! oops, wrong reference

he he he

forgive me, my kids loved B & B on MTV....and I have to admit I found it hilarious, even though I tsked tsked at the time, like any good mother.

back on bus...


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