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December 31, 2010


A north suburban woman accused of threatening an officer with a sex toy is behind bars after being arrested Tuesday afternoon for failing to appear in court.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)



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Those clear, rigid feminine pleasure devices are friggen' hard. I'd feel threatened as well. One look at her however, gives a clear understanding as to why she needed to resort to feminine pleasure devices.

Just a hunch, but I'm thinking she wasn't altogether resistant to the idea of being placed in handcuffs.

I believe I sent the original arrest story in a couple of months ago. Glad to see the blog is keeping abreast (among other things) of the important drunken Wisconsinite<.s> news.

She allegedly threatened the officer with what police described as a "clear, rigid feminine pleasure device"

Was she going to vibrate him to death?

The cop was apparently shaken. You might say "vibrated", but only if your standards are as low as mine.

Now is that "threatened" in the blunt-force-assault sense, or "threatened" in the I'm-giving-one-to-your-wife-and-we'll-see-which-she-likes-better sense?

No, Jeff, she was going to make him watch while she pleasured herself to death.

I think the officer was correct to arrest her. It would have been a salt on the eyes, whcih can be very painful.

Getting crabs can make one cranky.

Jeff, did you break the blog just for spite? *Snork*@ Sherly.

A Billy Clinton club.

She had it coming.

KJP - I was thinking the same thing.

Wasn't me, Loudmouth. It was Steve.

I confess. I don't know what I did or am confessing to, but I am one of only three men in a family with a whole pack of women, so I'm used to being considered guilty.

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