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December 31, 2010



(Thanks to Bruce Webster)


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I'm not much of a gun person. Is that much recoil typical? I'm surprised more of them didn't end up with a sore shoulder.

I'll try the bazooka.

So...THAT's how they train.

I'd love to see the suicide bomber training video.

That's why the skinny kids become suicide bombers. Recoil intolerance.

Okay, I have a question for the guys. You see another guy do something and it obviously hurts him so why do you also want to try it? If I saw someone get hurt or knocked out of a chair doing something I sure wouldn't want to try it also!

And why are most of them not setting their back leg? We learned that in 2nd grade.

Annie, women would dig in their high heels and take it, right?

This is why I prefer the machete. No recoil.

Better hit your target, because you are a sitting duck after firing that.

*flings 'h' up to Meanie's 'sitting'*

Rich...no, that's one big-ass gun. No idea what it is, but the shells they're using are huge. I've got a 30-06 (thirty ought six) I shoot once in a while, and it's nothing like that. Wow, lol

((Pictures one woman, Sarah Palin, trying that))

Another video that looks like it was made at the same range says it's a .557 caliber T-Rex.

It's not just the ammunition, but the gun itself. That one is too light for its munitions. Heavier guns tend to yield less noticeable kickback.

And Annie's right: what's with their stances? and their shoulders? Most of them look more like they're trying to back away from a face-slap than lean into a high-caliber gunshot.


We did this a lot in Oklahoma. Just just had more beer. And when we ran out of bullets? We just let the mule kick us. Them were the days.

A guy brought a .50 cal. Barrett to the range one time. My, what a cannon. The only way to fire it is prone or from a bench rest. Seemed like standing would be suicide. You could feel the wind when it fired. It--Was--Cool! I can't imagine something with a bigger caliber, less mass and standing. Shotgun slugs are big, but use much smaller powder loads.

NurseCindy: what you don't realize is that each of these guys, after getting knocked on his butt, ran out and found a new guy who had _no idea_ what the gun would do and said, "Hey, there's this really neat thing that you should try..." with no indication of (or deliberate deception about) what would actually happen. That's how the male brain works. ..bruce..

Humph. I've drunk stuff that had more kick.
Seriously, most of those guys were asking for it, holding a rifle that way.
Being a guy, obviously I want to try that. But it would probably be better that no one watched.
Glad it was a bolt-action. Ejected shells can be a real problem for a lefty.

Somebody explain to me how we're gettin' our butts handed to us in Afganistan.

KJP is correct. It is a T-Rex .557 rifle. Insanely heavy load. Completely useless for hunting for example, much too powerful, but something that would be handy if an enraged Rhino was charging at you.

Given that I have not seen an enraged charging rhino in my neighbourhood lately, I'll pass on the weapon.

By the way, the rifle is very expensive...I cannot imagine the damage caused it by being dropped on the floor by these idiots. Good thing it is bolt action, otherwise a few of those guys could be suffering more than sore shoulders.

the male brain works?

Looks like a big 'ol Mauser.

Yep, that's a big caliber ... but agreein' that their stance/position is worng, worng, worng ... mebbe a "learnin' how" class, but they's bein' taught incorrectly ...

A varmint hunter won the longest-shot-of-the-year award a couple of years ago for nailin' a woodchuck with a .50 Barret ... @ more than 2,200 yards ... that's 1.25 miles (plus), to y'all measurement challenged ... I'm gonna assume these guys are hopin' for similar results ...

Also heard a story long ago, about a guy who fired a .600 Nitro Express (even larger than this .557) ... twice ... broke his shoulder, both times ... bone and organ damages, exsanguinated internally ...

Nah, you'll find women doing this...once. I shot a big gun, but it wasn't a .700 Nitro Express, just my boyfriend's hunting rifle with a special load. My shoulder was sore for a couple days -- I had shot it on the stand, which transmits more of the kick to you. That's why so many of them are holding it freehand. A few of them obviously know what they're doing and they're still awed by this. And the noise...! Wow! Fun to watch.

Now you know why we don't see kraken, graboids, and mastodons around any more.

still giggling at hogs' 'we just let the mule kick us'...

Let's let the spammer try that rifle. Only, we turn it around for him.

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