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December 29, 2010


A woman jumped into a cab in Darwin, Australia, suggested to the driver that they have sex and when he declined, started kicking the car and then threw a bottle though the rear window, the Northern Territory News reported.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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"It would appear that she was a bit amorous at that time of the evening," Duty Superintendent Daniel Shean said.

Thank you, Superintendent Understatement.

She was charged with "having an offensive weapon"?

Did they mean her face?


maybe i'm reading too much into this...but why did the paper and the gentleman have to justify so hard why he didn't have sex with her? "Well, I'm engaged... and she wasn't good-looking!"

and i guess everyday is a darwin award to those folks!

I'm wondering if alcohol might have been involved.

"Stunk it out" -- wasn't that Spinal Tap's eighth album?

*note to self. stay away from blog while eating lunch*

If fugly ain't replicatin', that's Darwin at work, right?

That never works for me either.

Cabbies like to be paid if they give you a ride.

I'm confused. Who gets the tip?

There is a Streetcar Named Desired line or two that applied here -- courtesy of strangers?

Oooh, I know that line!-
"Ah have always relied on the stranger courtesans."

"I'm confused. Who gets the tip?"

Annie's being bad!

Having been in bars once or twice around closing time, it's a fair bet that any woman who can't get a guy to take a few minutes out of his busy night for a little activity must be pretty (pun intended) gross indeed.

I agree with insomniac. If she had been good looking would this have even been in the paper? Or would there just have been one happy cab driver in Darwin?

How big was she? Instead of tipping the cabbie, she tipped the cab.

Musta been some thick beer goggles.

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