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December 31, 2010


Officials in DeLand, Fla., said they spent $11,000 of municipal funds on an electric shock system to keep vultures off the roof of City Hall.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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A shocking development!

... sorry, I got nuthin'.

Dummies. This is cheaper and more effective.

Vultures over a hall for city politicians...that's a good sign...

Vulture Deterrent opened for Nirvana.

Generally, vultures are a good thing because they clean up what we don't want around.
But I've seen roosting areas in Florida that have been "whitewashed" and it's not a pretty sight.
Nothin' lower than buzzard poop.

Send them to Washington. Plenty of dead brains here.

please - we need them in the city of albany. idiot for a mayor and then we have the state legislature..... halp pleez

And no deterrent for the squirrels?

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