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December 21, 2010


Unfortunately, December is almost over. We'll try to catch up.

Scottish advent 

(Thanks to Suzie Q. Wacvet)



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Just stay away from the Irn-Bru and haggis.

Do you at least get another case as a Christmas present?

Guess we won't be hearing from Judi for awhile.

Judi ish bishy. Give her a broke. a brick. a break

Having not grown up in the tradition, I admit that I am not familiar with a lot of the terms associated with a Catholic Christmas. I've heard of Advent but never been really sure what the significance is. Or what it really means. Or what those dates (?) on the Advent calendar mean.
I suppose I could do some research (work, ugh) online. But could some friendly blogger put it in simple terms?

Steve, Advent is the common name of the process by which you open up a little door everyday and get a surprise and therefore stop bugging your parents about how many more days there are till Christmas.

Not limited to Catholics, actually. Advent is observed by western Protestant churches in general, and the concept of an Advent Calendar apparently originated with Lutherans. Opening the "little door" just reveals a small image of something related to the season. As an entertainment distraction for the kids, it's good for maybe 60 seconds.

Hey, I always claim I drink religiously...

As someone with the last name of "Tennant" (just one letter off from the advent lager in question) and with Scottish blood flowing through my veins, may I just say I wholeheartedly support this method of celebrating the holiday season?

Scott. You may.

Is it called "Tenant's" because you really only rent beer?

Drinking beer is good preparation for chasing swimming deer.

Lacy thiiiiiiiiings, mommy's missin';
Didn't aaaaaaaaaask, her permission.
I'm wearin' her clothes, her silk pantyhose,

At the maaaaaaaaall, there's a teddy;
liiiiiiiittle straps, like spaghetti.
I'm wearin' her clothes, her silk pantyhose,

In the office there's a guy named Melvin.
He pretends that he is Murphy Brown.
He'll say "Are you married?" I'll say "No, man. But only when the wife is out of town."

I love traditional holiday carols.

WTOP Radio in D.C. used to play that song every year. There are a few more verses.

sorry, steve - advent calendars are plentiful that i didn't realize they weren't universal - i don't think it's associated with any particular religion. we have had advent calendars with just little pictures behind each door (usually of some toy or holiday decoration), but also with chocolates in them (in little recessed spaces), little tiny wooden ornaments (that one was from Germany), and the latest one i got was of books which can be hung on the tree, with a bible verse in each one, telling the story of the birth of jesus. i like em! but this one seems best of all!

We used to buy the Lego one. The main drawback is that kids get amped all over again for the big day...are we there yet, how many more days, it's my turn to open it, etc.

Coulda used this calendar to deal with that calendar.

In the Southern Baptist Church we used to open the little doors to reveal how many Catholics and Mormons were gonna burning hell until Christmas.

burning ^be burning in

Thanks for the explanations. I think I need more of an experience with the tradition so it would make more sense to me.
Further question: why are the numbers on that case in such an order that I suspect it's the second case the writer has gone through? Is it not sequential?

The sequence of events in Life Its Ownself, Steve, is not necessarily "sequential" ... consequential, perhaps ... but definitely NOT in the order one might have planned or hoped would be the eventuationalness ...

((Suddenly feeling very warm in North Dakota))

I'm counting the beers taken, guys. Don't want anyone ending up in Detox!

(I'm on call for Christmas)

Well, I'm confused.
Not that this is anything new.
I guess you had to have been there.

I have a vague memory of Advent calendars having a sort of random order. Part of the fun was finding the door that matched today's date.

In the Southern Baptist Church we used to open the little doors to reveal how many Catholics and Mormons were gonna burning hell until Christmas.
Posted by: Loudmouth | December 21, 2010 at 04:37 PM

Really Loudmouth? I'm Catholic with a lot of Southern Baptist friends and this is the first I've heard of this. Kind of sad really. As far as Advent Calendars I've never had one. We have an Advent Wreath in Church where the candles are 3 purple, one pink, and the Christmas Candle is white. This article explains the Advent Wreath pretty well.

And I thought Amaricans took their religion seriously. I'm an agnostic going on atheist but I do know what the word Advent means (note capitalization). It means the opening or coming of somehting. More specifically - at this time of year, the coming of Christ.

I, too, am agnostic verging. But I'm married into a fundamentalist Christian family.
"Advent" the word doesn't explain what "advent" the event means, at least to me. Especially other things associated with it, like the calendar.
There are a lot of the traditions that I find puzzling.
It wasn't until late in life, about 4 years ago, that I discovered that Easter was considered the most holy of Christian holidays.
BTW, my wife's family is so fundamentalist that they do not recognize Christmas, Easter, and other holidays as official, so that explains some of my ignorance.
I go along so as not to spoil their fun with most stuff.
But it took my mother-in-law over 20 years to realize that asking me to give the blessing over dinner just would not work.

Did you hear about the agnostic, dyslexic insomniac?

The guy would lay awake at night, wondering if there was a dog.

Nah, cindy, just being facetious. The image is that Southern Baptists are like that and it's the fault of those Romanists. We just didn't have the calendar and Advent wreath or go through all the Advent rigmarole. I do a lot of work with many different churches from Catholic to Baptist to independent to gay. They all have their traditions and that's OK.

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