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December 13, 2010


...for the Ninja Slugs.

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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Someone's fixin' to get a-salted.

Not too much salt, bonmot, maybe some garlic and butter, though.

I'm waiting for Bill Amend to use them. Jason already has a Slug Man comic series.

How are they sure that lizard doesn't need Mr lizards to reproduce ? Maybe they're not the "kiss and tell" type.

I used to love "Watch Mr. Lizard" ...!

It shoots its mate with Love Darts?
Is that what the kids call it these days?

I'm the first to say Ninja Slugs WBAGNFARB? WOW! I'm never the first!

Why is it that land slugs are slimy and disgusting and dissolve when doused with salt when things like conchs, which are basically just big snails in the ocean, are not slimy, not disgusting, and don't dissolve in salt water?
I picked up a moderately large conch shell off Sanibel Island one summer and was surprised to find the original occupant still there. It came out and crawled over the palm of my hand. Fascinating and not at all horrible.
The shell was beautiful, but I won't kill a living animal in order to get a decoration.

More direct and efficient, in its own way, than hanging around bars and thinking up sleezy pick up lines.

Aw! What a cute little purple Cthulhu... AHHHH!

Steve: slugs have an internal calcified "shell" while snails have an external one. Both the slime and the shell protect the occupant from predators and (for land snails and slugs) dehydration. Snail shells will eventually dissolve in water, but it takes decades, far longer than they live. And slugs are not disgusting -- to other slugs.

Steve, you could have had dinner and gotten some Indian plywood in the bargain -- a siouxveneer.

It was that same trip to Sanibel when my oldest daughter and I were surrounded and investigated by a school of Manta rays, maybe 6 to 10 feet tip-to-tip.
Beautiful animals but a little scary when they suddenly surface within two feet and LOOK at you.
Lisa climbed me like an oak tree.

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