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December 24, 2010


...and don't forget to rock.

(Thanks to the s.b.'s friend and musical muse Susan M.)


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Merry Concert to All

Merry Christmas to all!

The RBR's look a lot different in that video. They do sound better though. Merry Christmas to all!!! Remember, Christmas calories do not count.

Glorious. Thanks for sharing, judi - a very merry Barry Christmas to you!

Here's wishing you, Dave, our host, all the regulars and non regulars alike, a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, or Joyous other observation you may be celebrating with your loved ones.

Peace and health to you all.

Cool carol!

Merry Advisory to the Blogs, to Judi the Stealth Elf and Research Staff, and to all my bloglit friends.

Hope you all get what you wished for, especially if it's peace, health, happiness and prosperity.

Yes kids, that's what geezer Christmas pageants looked like. The guy spazzing with the tambourine represents St. Joseph.

Happy Chrismahanakwaanzakivus to all! And may your solstice be short!

OC, you left out us irregulars!

I'll join Meanie in saying I hope you get what you wish for, and with luck we won't get what we deserve. But I have just cleaned the empty cans out of the handbasket in case.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

*Ignites figgy pudding*

*Awaits firefighters*

Yes, we were singing the "gloria" song last week in church and I was singing G-l-o-r-i-a under my breath.

Merry Christmas!

1. W#hat's with the woman playing the rock cordine in stage right?
2. I guess if you are a tamborine man you have to try to put on a show 'cause otherwise you're accompanying the cordine in the opener.
3. Glad to see Carrottop and his brother got gigs.
4. Shouldn't this be called Leftoverfest?

Merry bah humbug, everyone.

To Dave, judi and all my incredibly funny and witty and crazy blog family!

Wishing you peace, love, happiness, prosperity and most importantly, the health to enjoy these Blessings. Thank you all for being such an important part of my world. I may not say it enough, but I love you man guys!

Whatever you celebrate, drink plenty and stay safe.

Merry Christmas!!! HAVE JOY!

oh yeah...AWESOMELY COOL VIDEO, judi!!!

Happy day y'all - hope the year was good for you and your'n. Thanks for making me laugh and pushing my funny bone to compete at an olympic level.

If you're not doin' much, at 4pm Eastern time (1 pm Cali), a group I work with is featured on CNN on a show called "Giving in Focus."

If you miss it, here's our segment. I'm not in it, but all the horses and people I work with are. They're an awesome group and I'm very proud of them. If anyone's looking for a decent new year's resolution, volunteering with a charity is a stellar way to ring in the new year. You truly get more than you give.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Happy (insert appropriate Holiday here)!!

Side note - Dave got a mention and linky on the Mental Floss Blog as part of "The Quick 10: 10 Alternate Versions of 'A Visit from St. Nicholas'"

Happy New Years to everyone as well - may the new one be smoother than the old (unlike good scotch), and may all it bring many happy memories (instead of erasing them like good scotch)

Update to my post - show is on TOMORROW at 1, not today. Christmas Day, not Christmas Eve. Sorry, and yes, nog was involved.

Good to see you, CoastRaven.

Hi Annie!! Good to see you too - I've DVR'ed the CNN event just in case I am not around a bewb tewb tomorrow!

Merry Chistmas to all y'all!

Happy Saturnalia!!

Merry Christmas ... and all that other stuff ... y'all ...

If you're like me you get tired of all the usual holiday music. If anyone is interested here is a Christmas music stream that is a little different. The source is SomaFM.com Christmas in Frisko. It's also available through iTunes.

I think it needs more tambourine.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night. Gotta get to bed so I can wake up at 4 am and wonder what to do for 2.5 hours until it gets light.

I think it needs ..MORE COWBELL!! ;P

I made my goals for this year!2011

Woo... Hooo -
Warming up for a soggy New Year’s - Wish you All A Happy New Year...

I hope you get what you wish for, and with luck we won't get what we deserve. But I have just cleaned the empty cans out of the hand basket in case. caberg konda

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