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December 28, 2010


Court rules teen's sock fire not arson

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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duuuuuh. gasoline soaked carpet? didnt think anything would happen? dumbass.

I like the way the judge said he had the usual thought process of a 14 year old. In other words, 14 year olds do stupid things without thinking. Some more than others.

He's young. Let's root for Darwin before he procreates.

I have a 14 year old (athletic)son. Setting fire to his socks is just common sense.

The other teens had planned to join him, but they got cold feet.

I don't ever remember setting my socks on fire, especially with my feet in them.
I remember once telling my oldest daughter, who grew up to be intelligent and responsible, that she couldn't hang around with her friend Sarah, who will remain unnamed to protect the guilty.
"Why not?" she asked.
"Because you are both intelligent teenagers," I said, "whose IQs drop like a rock when you are together."

Steve, why is that? My perfectly normally intelligent daughter and her best friend are the same way. Drives me bananas...Still, they are great fun to be around when they are together. Silliness is underrated.

I thought the judge was eminently sensible, cindy. I'm guessing she has teenagers of her own.

That reminds me - I gotta sit my 13-year-old down and have the 'stupid' talk. Every parent knows about the 'sex' talk. The 'stupid' talk is just as important.

"Hold my Mountain Dew and watch this!"

*snork* @ NotSherly!

When I read "teen" and "sock fire," I immediately thought the socks spontaneously combusted. I mean, have you SMELLED teenagers' feet lately? UGH!

My son's hockey bag would have been caught by WMD sniffing dogs. Whenever he opened it the DHS threat level went up.

Hmmm... Most people have gotten over the setting-socks-on-fire thing by the time they're 14.

It does look like stupid teenage tricks, but still I hope he had to do something to try to make up for it. Like help rebuild the garage or (maybe more likely) keep cleaning up the area as the builders put it together.

Liar, liar, pants on...

Oops, that's his next trick.

Mary, I think it is because the judgement centers or much else that doesn't have to do with sex are not fully developed in the teenage brain. Aided by the fact that their parents, meaning all of us, have gotten fairly good at hiding our own stupid stunts that we did at the same age.
I was the only teenager I knew to be investigated by the FBI while not yet a senior in high school. At least I was told it was the feds.
(I was guilty as he!!).
(No charges).
(I later used some of their techniques in my own government career).

High School, pasha, I was investigated by the FBI when I was 5 before starting school!
I was playing mailman with every bodies mail.

These kids probably haven't started drinking yet. I sense a slew of Darwin awards will be coming their way once they turn 18, if they make it that far.

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