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December 16, 2010


Downhill pub-table racing.


(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Might win; might lose. Kuhtai.

When I was young we had to push the pub tables uphill in the snow... yada yada

"When they got to the bottom they promptly flipped the table over and continued drinking."


Those two were later caught ^impaled on security cameras.

I think I also sent this in a week or so ago, Allen - NTTAWWT.

I would definitely try it after a lot of beers.

Because getting on ski's or a snowboard while sober isn't dangerous enough?

So, why don't they post any results for the Women's division?

Because women have more sense than this, padraig.

That looks like fun.

It reminds me of a night back in '84, I think, when we had a good snowfall at the University of Tennessee. At the top of W. Cumberland, where it intersects with 17th street is a steep hill and a couple of nearby bars. Long story short, there were very few schoolbooks opened that night and the case of the missing cafeteria trays remains unsolved to this day.

Once hit ice and sledded under a barbed-wire fence. Key word once.

I tried mixing alcohol and snow skiing in my younger days. Made me brave enough to finally try the moguls run. It ended up involving several stitches in my bottom lip.

Sozzled slalom.

One of our sled hills had a sharp left and parked cars half way down. You know you had a good day when you left peeing blood from the internal injuries.

Downhill collection plate racing is beginning to catch on with the priesthood.

Spent some time north of Fairbanks Alaska one winter. The outhouse races in the snow were a riot - especially under the aurora. Copius amounts of alcohol were involved. Here in central/south Texas, when (if) it snows we shut things down. God did not intend for Texans south of I20 to drive in snow.

Sounds like they were engineering students.

It needs dogs chasing them down the hill, nipping at their heels, trying to pull them from the 'sleds.' Yes, I've been there and it's fun.

One of my favorite Dave columns was the one where he talked about going skiing with his son, Rob.

Note to self: Only open pub at bottom of hill.

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