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December 27, 2010


These have to be the worst ski conditions ever.



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I think I saw them open for Twisted Sister.


Wherever you are, it's way warmer than most of the country. I'm guessing the Caribbean or Mexico. Party on!

The naked one on the far left looks downright aggressive.

The warning is in English and properly spelled. That rules out most of the world as well as New Jersey. Perhaps Montpelier?

Dave is looking....blond.

An undisclosed, temperate location.

Ents gone bad. Run if they start rattling.

Stone Moguls WBAGNFARB.

Dave is just trying to throw us off. It's actually 18 degrees where he's standing and there are snowdrifts 5 feet high out of range of the camera.

I noticed Mrs. Blog was smart enough to let Dave go into the "Poisonous Trees" area alone.

Naked Poisonous Trees WBAGNAF SyFy Baldwin brothers miniseries.

*Waves @ Hammie!!!* Feliz Kwanzaa!

The only trees I know of, that are poisonous to the touch, are those related to poison ivy.

Yews are poisonous too, but most people aren't stupid enough to eat trees.

*Waves @ Annie!!!*

Loved your article, btw. Anyone who has not read it, please do so.

Maybe Dave is doing "Survivor"?

Weather update: It is cold in Miami. YES. Under 60 degrees COLD. I don't like it one bit. And don't gimme all that bullcrap about how many inches of snow you had to shovel this morning cuz it ain't gonna work. YOU chose to live in the frozen North. WE live in Sunny, HOT, FLORIDA. WTFBRRRRRRRRRRRRBQ?

Dave was smart to travel to an undisclosed, dangerous but WARM location.

I bet he got a break on the lift tickets though.

Those poisonous trees ingeniously resemble poisonous rocks.

A 'break', WV? More like a compound fracture.

The words are in English and it's clearly summer. Australia, New Zealand or South Africa are my bet but maybe somewhere in the Caribbean cannot be ruled out, they speak a language closely related to English down there.

we have a foot of new blowin snow and its about 20 deg. i'll take the poisonous trees.

We should start a "Where in the world is Dave?" contest. I'm with Mot. I say Australia. Queensbee, stay warm.

I plan to complain extensively about inches feet of snow, now that I have a dislocated shoulder because of it. And you people in reptile-raining, insect-intensive semi-foreign states can just .... chill.

.. and I believe Dave is now at Treehenge.

You in the Everglades, Dave?

Poisonous Trees are opening for Frosted Floridians.

A dislocated shoulder? Did it move South to escape the snow?

It tried to escape before the job was finished, but was coerced back into place and rejoined its brother to complete the task.

BTW, some of us Jerseyans have figured out how to spell "occurring". (Along with "Advil".)

My blogging arm was the one affected, but I will soldier on, albeit with perhaps less graciousness than usual. Apologies in advance and in retrospect.

Dave found one of the coolest spots in the Caribbean...the path to the Bubbly Pool on Jost van Dyke to be exact. The Bubbly Pool is the perfect place for gassy guys to swim. Who's to know if the bubbles are from wave action or man-made? Hey Dave, did the little black and white dog lead you to the pool? I love that dog.

*Opens blog bar. Sets out Bailey's Hot Chocolate drinks for affected bloglits.*

*Pounces (with both arms) on NS' blogbar offerings*

Thank you!

Not for you, Crankie. NotSherly said they belonged to Bailey.

I had to dislocate Bailey's shoulder, but I got 'em.

Blogger down! Blogger down! Or at least somewhat bummed.

He's OK. We bonded over a bottle of THIS. Help yourself.

*bellies up to bar - snags drink, snarls at Bailey*

Back below freezing in ATL again. We made it to 35 for a while today.

Crankie, I looked at the "Blend Tasting Note" on that - "a distinct fruit salad note with honeyed sweetness" - sounds a little, um, light in the kilt to me.

pogo, every time we get bad weather here in the Carolinas it comes up from Atlanta. How about keeping your bad weather to yourselves and quit putting it on the I-85 corridor? I'm not sure what the I-85 corridor is but the weather people always say "The (insert bad weather here) is in Atlanta and is coming up the I-85 corridor to the Carolinas!".

Lava rocks. A few trees. Gotta be eastern Idaho, where it doesn't snow alot??? But there are leaves on the trees. Dam.

Gonna be cold. Better bring in your brass monkey. Here's Crankie's version.

Ya know, I looked at that picture closer and the rock may refer to poisonous lizards trees. Beware Dave if they haven't already gotten you.

^lizards in trees^

I don't know, Loudmouth. Your first guess seemed on the money. If the local lizard trees were poisonous, I'd want to be warned.

A google search for poisonous trees turns up info on the Manchineel tree. Apparently touching one brings blisters, and the apples, while pleasant tasting, also kill you. They apparently grow in the, conveniently warm, Caribbean and Central America. Signs are often posted to warn about the danger.

*Shuffles up to the bar and SMACKS Bailey upside the head*


*chugs it*

Siouxie, it's 52 in Miami. We dream about it being 52 here. Right now it is 25 degrees where I live. But, because I like you, here is something to keep you warm.

"Iguana fir."
That's what Siouxie said. To stay warm.

Annie, I enjoyed your article very much. I wonder if anyone has told Siouxie that a glass of wine can warm you up? It is 20 degrees here in N.C. I went to pick up something to eat tonight and had to let my car warm up for 20 mins before I could stand to get in it. That was AFTER I scrapped the snow off the windshield, roof, and doors of the car. I want Spring to hurry up! I spoke to Jeff Meyerson today and he said he couldn't even see his car in NYC because they had 18 1/2 " of snow. I thought La Nina was supposed to make this a mild winter.

If the iguanas start to grow fur, it's time to move someplace even more tropical...

*mumbles obscenities about global warming and AlGore*

Global warming is a mith moth myth. Global climate change is a fact. The question is weather whether it's caused by man or a natural cyclic fenomenon phenomenon.

Easy for you to say, Mot.
*joins djtonyb in mumbling obscenities about global warming and AlGore*

Sleet happens.

Cindy, that's El Niño. You won't like La Niña.

*mails Siouxie her belated present - world's smallest violin*

Bummer, Crankie.

Nothing like a 20* (F) temperature and a steady 25 mph wind (with cheery gusts up to 40 mph)to wake one up. The lake next to my house is frozen. The housecats are smug and warm, knowing they don't have to go out. Winter is here.


And Meanie heads for the office.

Actually, I'm borrowing one of THESE from a friend and heading for Brooklyn.

Speaking of Brooklyn, check out image no. 2 from THIS series. Coolest photo I've seen from this storm.

*oops - ducks*

That was a great picture.

The plows finally got here at 11 last night and have been back several times this morning. The main roads close by are pretty clear. The problem is, once you dig your car out and drive wherever you're going, where do you put it when you get back home if you don't have a driveway &/or garage.

I'm waiting for the thaw.

Has anyone checked on Siouxie to make sure she has not frozen?

Somebody messed up on the shirt. Those colors belong to U of Miami, not Miami U.

Siouxie braves bullets and errant granny-cadillacs to live in a temperate climate. She has earned the right to stay warm.

You northerners choose to live up there in the cold- whine a little closer to the snowbank and all your hot air will thaw it out that much quicker.

I think Poisonous Trees toured with Savage Garden

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