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December 07, 2010


Dear Dave,
I just got the following email (and photo) from my sister.  I believe the photo speaks for itself.
"One of our neighbors apparently decided to get into the Christmas spirit and decorated their palm tree . . . they obviously didn't look at it carefully before they lit it up!  Their son (our daughter's friend) pointed out the "problem" and the lights promptly went out!  It was definitely good for a laugh!
Feliz Navidad!"
My husband’s comment (after he stopped laughing) was: “Well, it’s clearly not circumcised.”
Happy Holidays,



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No coconuts?


Nice wood.

Tree CMohel would be a pretty specialized field, I guess. Big tips.


(Meanie, not THAT kind of girl....)

*hair flip*

Now I know how I'm going to decorate my Festivus Pole this year.

'Let's be Fronds!'


I would've left the lights on.

*awards prize for 'Best Decerections'*

Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Tannenbaum!

oh lawdy. coffee all over my keyboard.

I not only think they should have left the lights on, I think they should set up a New Year's Eve fireworks display the top of the tree.

"Everybody! Three... Two... One... I'm sorry, would somebody please go up to the tree and tickle its coconuts?"

I told you it would lead to a hairy palm.

Good one, Bonmot. As for the picture, I'm speechless! For some reason I have a sudden urge to go find my little black book.

Clearly the happiest time of the year.

♬ Oh Come All Ye Faithful...♪

♪ Do you see what I see? ♪

it has a reservoir tip i see...

christmas is coming....

When someone is in danger...

When Evil is near...

Send out the signal for Bris Man!

May your dates be merry and briiiight!

♬ Silver balls, silver balls...♪

Clearly it's pining for something.

The fjords?

Mohels R us....

If this condition contiues for more than four hours, please consult a tree surgeon.

I dunno, I think my tree is bigger. (Not that I've measured it.)

Too bad they stopped short and did not decorate the two round shrubs next to the tree.

Wow, it's even bigger than Walter's.

Maybe with a star on top, sharkie. A reallllly big star.


Nope, not in this cold weather, Chica.


Awww...looks like Charlie Brown's tree.

Looks like a mosque.

Fires up handbasket.

I hate to tell you this, but there's a burnt-out bulb at the top.

It's ok, Meanie. We all have our shortcomings.

It's true, Annie. But I wouldn't want to see this iconic holiday tradition* fall flat because of it.

*as of 12/7/10 at 11:05 am

He came upon a midnight clear...

Very cute picture, Annie. Poor little, Sharkie.

Of course it's big. Santa only comes once a year . . .

I like more girth in my, um, palm trees.


Is that a palm tree in your pocket or are you just happy to see Santa?

That puts the 'X' in X-mas!

When Tropical Storm Faye blew through, we wound up with a surprise columnar cactus laying on our patio. We had no idea where it came from but I stuffed it in a pot and kept it.
It is now about 2 inches through and about 4 feet tall. With two twin, round ball-shaped mini-cactuses growing from the base.
We haven't decorated it but we call it Phallic Symbol, "PS" for short.
I suppose it could be used for kinky stuff, but only if you are wild about the "M" in "S&M".

Well now isn't that cute!

That German guy has been busy for her

Why's everyone have such a problem with putting lights on a giant mushroom?

It's immorel, Wing.

Palm trees got Vi@gr?

Hu gnu?

What Annie needed to clarify with her little photo: That was an AFTER pic, when the can of spray-on snow ran out.

That may be the biggest draw-back in all South Florida.

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