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December 30, 2010


Southern Ill. girl, 12, gets new computer, finds porn

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Ah, the Avenue QPad.

Whadda ya expect with the IPorn?

Another situation where punctuation makes a difference.
12 year old girl: " Hey,this is a perv pad."
14 year old boy: "Hey! This is a perv pad!"

I find porn on my computer sometimes, too.

You can get it pre-installed??
We live in a wonderful time!

Tech support was outsourced to Bhutan

Either the story is picking up steam, or there's more than one with the same problem.

I've found porn on my computer too, Olo. Sometimes it's hid real well, but it's there!

meanwhile, off to the side of the room, Daddy quietly stands there while yellow feathers float from the side of his mouth.

I'm just a little curious as to who the father contacted first: WSIL-TV or the manufacturer.

Good thing they got it out of her hands before she recognized Mom and Dad.

Maybe the father felt a duty to do an in-depth investigation on his own, first.
At least I would have.

Why would they replace the computer? It's not like the device itself is broken. You can just delete the offending software in about two seconds. :-/

Elon, deleting the porn is easy. Getting the stains off can be very time consuming.

There's an "oops" for that...

I once, at the request of a friend's son, googled American colleges and got bombarded by co-ed sex sites.
Sometimes a purely innocent search throws up some crazy sites.

Elon, because deleting the software removes the evidence that gets you on TV.

I once googled 'Adult Antique Toys'. Don't ever do that either.

My daughter recently got cable (she's very crunchy and wouldn't allow TV). While scrolling thru the channels to find a PBS program for her 2 yr old, she clicked upon unscrambled porn. "Butts!" yelled my grandson. She quickly turned the TV off and shooed him away. After dinner she wanted to watch a video so she asked my grandson what he wanted to watch. "More butts, Mama!"

He's such a little man.

kids these days! in my day we'd have to travel for three days eating nothing by spoiled mammoth meat and berries of dubious provenance, fight off the hill people to get into a cave and glimpse a drawing that might be p0rn, or might be some kind of offering to the vulture god!

now it's pre-loaded onto computers!

*Loses smirk as he realizes that we are soon getting a new laptop for our teenage daughter for her birthday*

OMG! Somewhat off topic, but I'm visiting here in SoFlo and just heard a radio spot advertising "vaginal rejuvenations." WT#!?

Well, I guess if guys can get procedures that measure up, gals are certainly entitled to get stretched down under with the Aussie Pelosi Special.

Yeah, insom, I miss dinosaur porn too. Although Hefner is apparently trying to bring it back.

Free porn? Sweet!

The Hardin family plans to replace the tablet computer with a new one.

They plan to, just as soon as Dad is done with his 'research.'

"Hardin"? Really? You bloggers are so well-behaved, not making fun of a name like that. It warms the cockles of my heart.

Heh - Annie said cockles - heh heh!

But look at the brand name: Coby.

Although they make some good products, somewhere,
it's kinda like pickin up a cow pie and thinking ya
have a Big Mac....

just saying....

PS...He bought it at Breast Buy!!!

OT/ Two days ago on this blog I mentioned that years ago, my holiday reindeer had been messed with in a similar fashion to the old fart who called the cops about his issue. Now I would like to know which blogger was messing with my reindeer decorations last night and re-arranged them in apparant fauna f0rnicatory positions. My entire neighborhood was struck by a virtual plethora of reindeer games. ISIANMTU. CSI Niceville is investigating. /OT


How will we ever get through New Year's Eve without Snooki ? Oh, the humanity ... !

/ OT

*whistles innocently*

Annie, you overestimate me. I was too busy snorking at their paranoia to notice the name.

I KNEW it was Tele! Stay off my lawn, you whippersnapper!

(although your positioning of the 3 white reindeer on the corner was intriguing, kama sutra-istically speaking...)

*holds broken halo over head*

Who, ME ????

*smacks Meanie's hand making devil fingers over my head*
Thought I didn't see ya, didn't ya ???

BTW, that interesting tableau, featuring the 3 reindeer ?? Totally from the twisted mind of Mr. Telecom - I cannot claim credit. Sick bastid !!!!

annie's got red-faced reindeer
rutting wildly bucks and does
and if you ever saw them
you would surely say they're 'hoes'
all of our annie's neighbors
called PETA and ASPCA
they even tried to sample
their plastic-reindeer DNA!

then one smoky new year's eve
sarah palin came to say
"your prevert display just won't do
could i shoot just one or two?"

then all outlets loved it
debating how we're going to h*ll
till sweden burns its bokken
annie's deer will sure repel!

Pacific Shore bambis and bimbosbambettes.

Touch screen that needed to be touched, stroked, poked...geek hot.

LOLLER! (Even tho several of y'all got to all my good lines before I had a chance to post 'em ... )

(Yes, Annie ... I noticed that name and would've mentioned sumthin' inappropriate, so tnx to your comment, I won't embarrass Moi Ownself ... any more than usual ... here ... this time ... )

Yeah, I know ... I said "embarrass" ... it's an old joke ... let it die ...

Devil's horns?? Those were antlers!

Annie, it wasn't me. Siouxie's lying. She wasn't even there, I woulda seen her.

Annie - it wasn't me. I was too busy re...decorating here in AZ. So many retirement communities, so little time.

Wasn't me, Annie. Plane tickets are too expensive in this economic climate. Besides, I'm clergy.

It was Mr. rbh^^, probably. Nah, too stupid to be creative.....

Steve, I was very disappointed in hearing that Snooki was not going to be dropped in the ball on New Years Eve. I was even more disappointed to realize they weren't going to drop her without the ball.

Maybe they will drop the ball on Snooki.

I think they should drop the ball on Snooki at least once for every decade. Or at least until some sense gets knocked into her.

*snork* @ insom! I suspected Telecomdropout the entire time. Like most criminals, she never makes eye contact.

And I was hoping they'd drop Snooki on her head.

Death to the spammer!!!

But public flogging first, please...

Annie, even Telecomdropout doesn't deserve that kind of torture.

Ouch, Elon! I ain't that tough on the eyes.

If a 12 year old boy had got this all you would have heard is "Thank you, God" and the parents never would have known.

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