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December 31, 2010


Please celebrate responsibly.


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Coulda gone all 2011 without seeing that.

Could have gone until 2015 as well. I thought it would be a Manilow shot.

That poor fellow needs our Detox service....oh, the pain....

However, if he were here, with our Blizzard, I doubt he'd make it to the hospital...

Happy New Year everyone..

Your Daveness....

For some reason I clicked on that photo and found it insanely funny.

Must be due to the fact that I was drinking the "good beer".

My keyboard is seriously wounded

I am grateful that I was not one of those wretched people stuck on a plane at JFK for 11 hours. I would've pulled a Slater after two hours.

Urinal cakes can be surprisingly refreshing.

Happy New Year all y'all.

Some damn bureaucrat got my champagne this year. Here's to hoping they suffer from something stupid and die in hilarious ways that we can all ridicule.

I've been in bars like that, except smaller. In the men's room, there were four lines: the commode, the urinal, the sink, and the wastecan. God knows whar rge womens' room was like.

Hey...that's my old boyfriend!

Like Dave Barry, the date 1.1.11...only comes around once during our lifetimes...

Like the 111th Congress..tomorrow I will start over...for exactly ONE day, before I drink again.

"I could have been a contender..."

And so I comtemplate the universe, and am very happy I do not have to visit urinals for men...or clean them, on this date.

Happy New Year, all you blogbarries.

Thanks for a year of MANY laughs.

(Is she drunk? OR watching Larry King kiss Brando? )

I hope 2011 will see you and "Serge A. Storms" aka Tim Dorsey file a weekly political and history column of Florida humor. That way I would survive the lack of ho hos here in the banana province of British Columbia Canada. BC as in bring cash!

Ah, college days. Sometimes I miss them. More often I don't.

Yep I made it at home in time for a pitcher of Marguaritas and watch the big ball go down.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! *gives blog guys a New Years kiss*

I didn't click. Even if it wasn't Manilow, I'm taking no chances. Happy New Year, all!

Athblian shona duit, mo charr(s)! Agus bia maith!

(happy new year, and behave yourselves!)

Wow. I think that guy's old acquaintances will, or should, be forgot.

Happy New Year to The Blogses and the Judis and all you bloglitses. May the laughs come fast and furiously in 2011.

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Happy new year to all! Now that I've gotten caught up on the past 3 months of this blog (all done during this vacation), I hope to be able to join the fray in here more often again.

Well here in Vancouver, on the left coast, we have just swung into 2011.

Happy New Year everyone...and thanks for the good humour and entertainment...

Happy New Year to everyone on the 'left coast'. Also thanks to Jeff Meyerson and his sweet wife, Jackie, for the wonderful Junior's Cheesecake they sent me for Christmas. The kids and I enjoyed it immensely at our little New Years Eve party tonight. That is truly one of the nicest things anyone has done for me in a long time. That is why I love this blog. So many nice people. I'm kind of ashamed of the fact I told my kids it was against the law for them to eat more than one piece. (more for me!)

So where's the 2010 year-in-review column?


It's coming on Sunday...Personally I am looking forward to it

Ditto to all of the above, including Kev (although I still haven't caught up, and it wasn't a vacation that kept me away. I've been busy in the so-called 'real world' - a vastly over-rated place - and I'm glad to be back; and Happy New Year to all!)

You're very welcome, cindy and glad you enjoyed it.

My New Years Eve partying days are probably well behind me but it's always good to be here with friends.

I thought it would be a Manilow shot.

Posted by: Not My Usual Alias | December 31, 2010 at 08:54 PM

Wasn't it, NMUA?

For those who celebrated responsibly missed it:

The Snooki ball drop

Thanks, Steve, I think. I definitely missed that last night.

Classy to the end.

While we wait for dave's...

'The Rear Ye View'

Does your rear hang low,
Does it wobble to & fro?
Are ya proud of watcha got:
'To-may-to' or 'Po-tay-to'?
Can you see it over yer shoulder
Like the Kardashian who's older?
Does your rear



Happy New Rear Year, everyone (_!_)

But ... will it be part of the Year In Review??

As God is my witness, turkeys can fly!

Nothing anywhere embodies the concept of "We got nuthin'" the way that clip did. Just imagine if that were in Times Square .....

Meanie...Remember: These Young People are our Hope for the Future.


Baby look at me
The face of infamy
You ain't seen the last of me yet
Give me time I'll give your patience a test

I got skank in me
And you can have some free
I can clutch your moon in my hands
Don't you know who I am

Remember my name

You're gonna gag forever
I'm gonna learn how to fly

I feel you wretching together
People will see me and cry

I'm gonna make it to prison
Light up the cell with my shame

You won't forgive me ever
Baby remember my name


Bravo Meanie! Very nice.

Happy New Year to all.

We need a new weekly show about which to make snarky comments by the hundreds.

I nominate Fringe.

Happy New Year, Dave, Judi and dear people of the blog.
I am looking forward to laughing with you in 2011.

And Snooki didn't even spill her beer. Anticlimatic. Even good looking is unattractive on those people. Shallow-end fer shore.

Happy 1/1/11 everyone; drink up now. I predict beer will be far more expensive on 2/2/22.

And the 2010 Whack-a-Mole list? When will that be out? Oh yeah. It is already!

Happy New Year to all! I clicked on the link, laughed, then thought OMG it could have been a Manilow!

And I like the term blogbarries.

Happy New Year y'all Gang ...

So ... whut's worng with that foto?

Merely the old "punch-bowl-disguised-as-a-bathroom-receptacle" type dealie ... and there's a LOT of 'em ... must've been a HUGE party ...

Dave's Year in Review (link deleted by the s.b.)

Happy New Year! I survived yet another of my Drunken Karaoke parties without looking like that photo. I say that's success. For those on FB, pictures are posted and more on the way. Yes, alcohol consumption was very much involved. And bad singing. Often at the same time.

Feliz Año Nuevo!

Doncha hate people at the party who hog the cake?

Another wonderful year in review, Dave. I especially loved the part about the copper miners. Thank you for the link, Guin.

I'm afraid to click on the link. Can someone post a description?

Nothing to fear, Kris. It's the traditional nearly-unconscious man lying on the floor except that his face is embedded in a mens' room urinal.

There is the sublest implication that some type of intoxicant may have been involved.

Fringe is a great show and totally undeserving of snark. The fact that Fox has seen fit to move it opposite Supernatural is merely another foreboding that 2011 is going to be much, much worse...

Now, The Event cries out for snark, if they're ever reckless enough to try more episodes...

Please note that 1) the link posted (and now deleted) was a truncated version of the column and 2) they jumped the embargo against posting it before the Herald. So please - if you wouldn't mind - DON"T GO THERE; just wait til tonight at midnight when I can post the real version.

for future reference, in general, if you have to post a link from a site other than the Herald, we would prefer that you refrain from posting it here on the blog, because it is undoubtedly posted before anyone is allowed to, and/or may be edited... at any rate, as soon as its available, you can assume one of us will post the Herald link here.

thanks - judi

Whutever y'all say, Darlin' judi ... (don't'cha hate it when folks jump an embargo?)

Jumpin' the Embargo ... I saw them open for the Kingston Trio, back in '59 ...

Nice going, guys. Now Judi has to put the whole blog over her knee and spank us. Not sure who will enjoy it more.
As far as the picture, I spent way more than my share of time in college worshiping at the shrine of the porcelain god, but it was never a urinal.

Available at midnight:
Dave's 2010 Year In Review - now with 20% MORE DAVE!!

*subtly sneaks a "t" into my 6:15 comment*

Meanie, given the context of the picture, I like sublest better.

True, Wing. Subtle, it ain't.

Y'mean that apartment is NOT available?

Dang. I hate it when that happens ...

(Happy New Year and all that, MtB ... & Wing' ... & the rest of the Blogitnessistical population herein ...

I think they might be willing to sublet one of its many baths, OtU, or at least one of the urinals without a face in it.

(Urinals Without A Face WBAGN ....)

Happy New Year to you, too, and the bride(RH?).

At least, in the old days, I wuzn't ever so "lost" that I shot a urinal ... unlike one of the oil-patch guys in Williston last fall (which Dave posted here) ... never been quite that stoopid ...

Yup ... should have that engraved on granite, or sumthin' ... "He never shot a urinal ... except in self-defense ..."

Wait...is it 2011 already? Does this mean I finally get my jetpack?

Not before I get my flying car Suzy Q.

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