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December 31, 2010


As she tried to board a flight -- fully clothed-- for the first time since the earlier incident, the TSA informed her they had found an "unusual contour" around her buttocks which they couldn't explain.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Joan Rivers boarded a plane and asked the stew. "Where's my seat?". The stew replied, "an inch lower than last year." Unusual contours on the buttocks are a consequence of the passing years.

Laugh it up, but it's obvious to me that this woman is playing a dangerous game with TSA. Someday they'll see her coming, realize how stupid she's made them look in the past, and wave her through with only a full body cavity search. And then she's going to bring down the plane with her botox lips which are actually injectable C4. Wake up, Big Sister!

Banovac offered to strip for the agents to prove that she's not hiding anything.

"Please let me strip! Please!"

TSA: "Nu nudity for you."

Also no

The newscast called her a "stripper". Is that a reference to her occupation or past encounters with TSA?
Also, she's 52?
Cognitive dissonance all around.

She'd better get used to ground transport. They'll never stop messing with her.

Reminds me of the My Name Is earl episode, which just
ran on local TV.

Earl was on a "get revenge" kick before the list, and
had told Randy what to do with a toothbrush he planned on giving an ex.

"Earl, it's a bit uncomfortable" Randy says.

"Randy, you were supposed to take it out and leave it"
Earl says.

"oh" was Randy's reply.

Unusual contours indeed.

Steve, it says she's 52. Why do you ask?

Lumpy silicone butt (NABNFARB).

The Kardashians will never fly again.

Yeah, Steve. Why do you ask? While I am not nearly that old, I'd like to believe you can still look damn good at that age AND still retain a few IQ points WITHOUT the need for unusual butt contours.

In this particular case, I deduce that the unusual butt contour comes from having her head up her ass.

Please do not circulate THIS TSA scan of her butt, as(s) it's officially not permitted to be public.

Not goinG to do it MTB.

A big, strapping hunk of a guy like you is afraid of a teeny little link? How very sad......

Sorry, didn't mean to imply anything. Heck, I'm over 60 and still the male equivalent of "ravishing", or so my very active imagination tells me.
It was more the "52 year old stripper in a wheelchair" that confused me. She's a very attractive lady but the mechanics of stripping in a chair are....
Just a little bit more and I'll have nice, comfy, grave here, won't I?

It's one of those ADA things Steve. Equal rights for crippled strippers (NABNFARB).

While I am not nearly that old, I'd like to believe you can still look damn good at that age AND still retain a few IQ points WITHOUT the need for unusual butt contours.

Unusual Butt Contours opened for the Screaming Headless Torsos in '98.

All I know about this woman comes from her recent fame, but just looking at her would make me afraid to board a flight with her. I think she has a future making movies with Rob Zombie.

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