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December 23, 2010


Woman's toes eaten by animals

(Thanks to Rebecca L.)



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"Vesco-Mock said the animals, plus an eighth dog not believed to be involved in the incident, were turned in to the shelter..."

Why wasn't the eighth one charged? He rolled over on the seven perps.

SW -- It is a dog eat dog eat human world out there.

So which dog is named Jack Frost?

Eric Burdon?...

I wonder if she'll be ticketted for cruelity to animals.

No tip-toe?

I doubt she can score Jets tickets now

We need Cindy to weigh in with a medical perspective.

Clearly, the heeler pup needs more training.

If her house had rats along with 8 dogs, she clearly was feeding the dogs entirely too well.

No one will ever know. Rats and dogs both like cheese.

Anyone for ladyfingers?

She had no feeling in her extremities? Sounds like she is suffering from toelio. (Lord, I apologize, and please feed the starving children in New Guniea.)

And Toetoe too.

She probably has diabetic neuropathy and couldn't feel her toes. As for my medical opinion....Yuck!

I had a lady who regularly came in for massive volumes of rat poison at the health department. Finally, I asked and found that she had about 8 dogs she left food out for in her yard.
I told her that the rats were eating the dog food and she'd never be rid of them.
She said her dogs would chase any rats they saw.
Later, she confessed to me that she got up one night and looked out. There were a couple of rats eating out of one side of a bowl as a dog was eating out of the other side.
She started keeping the food up except for feeding times and her rat problem just about disappeared.
BTW, relatives came in with their dog one Thanksgiving. Their dog had rabies.
We wound up with 8 dogs under quarantine and over a dozen human exposures.

Did her family hire the "caregiver" for the rats and the dogs? He/She certainly wasn't doing a very good job for the rodent-food grandma...

Cindy, I agree with your medicinal verdict on both accounts.

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