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December 29, 2010


Man Shoots, Kills 'Chupacabra' in Ky

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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First! Wait a minute, I can't be the first poster. This never happens. Is something wrong with the blog?

Look at the nose and whiskers. Also, it was the size of a house cat. Granted, the ears are tattered, but--hey, it's a CAT!!

*snork* @ "Fox News - Fair & Balanced" on a Chupacabra story!

I'm in Kentucky right now.
The neighbor is strange and hairless but he's not really bad enough to shoot.
People would talk.

I had one of those at Chilis. Too damn spicy.

I will stick to the paleface Tacos next time.

Actually, due to sagging ratings, this could be a

promo stunt for a new Fox series, the Goatsuckers.

Animal Planet meets the X-files with occasional UFO's
thrown in.

Who will play Scully and Muldar?

Horshack jumps to his feet and starts waying his arm in the air.

"Mr. Cotter, Mr Cotter, I know" he yells.

Kotter says "what do you know, Arnold?"

"Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter" he replies.

(see previous post)

Hey, that's somebody's wife!

I don't have anything funny to say. It is clearly a hairless raccoon, alopecia caused by something.

Poor thing, probably have froze anyways.

Typical sloppy headline/reporting leaving many important questions unmolested, such as ...

How much KY was involved?
Which sucker was in the stuff?

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