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December 31, 2010


10:30 a.m. The unfortunate manager of a laundry mat on Highway 2 East discovered excrement inside the dryers, waste baskets and other areas of the building.

(Thanks to Sue Jenkins, who says: "laundry mat?")


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The 4:24pm entry made me snork. And now I feel bad about that.

That's offal.
They should make all the offenders on this police log (?!) go over and clean up that laundry mat.

Just proves that in a laundry mat sheets happens.

2:02 p.m. A snowboard was stolen from someone on Big Mountain.
Ow! Too much information!

Funniest thing about that police blotter: each time a "man" and a "dog" are mentioned, it's the same dude and his blind pal. That was a heckuva day.

According to m-w.com, Laundromat is actually a service mark. So only one company can have laundromats, just like only one comapany can make kleenex, coke, jell-o, hoovers, ...

And then I read what the governor had to say about the legis[hic]lature.

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