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December 13, 2010


Miami style.


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I heard that this is the last year for one of our neighbors to put up his lights. I'm kind of sad, although the helicopter pilots seeking to find the roof of the hospital will have to find another landmark that can be seen for ten miles in any direction.

"Fly towards the light" has to be spoken only to the pilots and crew and not the person being transported.

If it can't be seen from low Earth Orbit, why bother?

because Miami celebrates Christmas from Thanksgiving through approximately Groundhog Day

And there's another reason why Miami is not like where I live. Around here, we celebrate Xmas from Labor Day right through December 22nd.

I understand Miamians will be testing their frosticles later this week.

We woke up around 33, but we'll be sunny and in the sixties later on, and warmer all week.

Come on down, y'all!

These things run in cycles. The little town where I live used to be full of light displays that took the homeowner days to set up, but most of them got burnt out and we don't have much right now. The next town over has gone the other direction and has the people who set up their own radio station that plays music synchronized to their light show.

Dave, how come CSI: Miami has never done anything related to the Santa's Enchanted Forest carnival? I think it'd make an excellent mystery to solve. A patron is flung off the "Regurg-a-tator" and is impaled on a Power Puff Girl. Was it one of the tattooed ride operators? Maybe it was one of Randall's pigs? The evidence will tell us.

Weren't the diving pigs originally part of the cast of Jersey Shore?

Here in LA-adjacent, we have people cruising in convertible Hummers, singing poorly, at 30 mph.

Makes me miss the colder climes, where, if a caroler was excessively bad, you could bump the icicles hanging from the rooftop, thus discouraging any further noise.

Pigs...can do ANYTHING!

Note to readers: DO NOT read Dave, right after an upper endoscopy.

Merry Christmas. Have a prosperous year and a good time.
I heard it in a song.

Strangely enough, here in Sydney, diving (and racing) pigs are associated with another Christian festival - Easter at the Royal Easter Show (think State Fair, and yes we also have the deep fried gunk that you would not eat anywhere else.

Crossing the line between "tasteful holiday yard display" and "municipal airport: these houses.

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