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December 21, 2010


Good Samaritans Face Fine After Rescuing Deer From Icy Water

p.s. Bah, humbug.

(Thanks to Oliver Shortly)


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Every officer has some discretion on whether or not to issue a violation. That discretion may disappear once the process of issuing the violation has started (a traffic cop can't simply tear up a ticket he's already started because he would have to account for that).
I can see issuing the ticket if any of the people involved had required assistance, themselves.
I predict this ticket will be overruled.
Either that, or some cop will be getting a stocking full of coal in a few days.

Wow! Judging by the photo, "significant" is an understatement!

I predict the operation will be moving to warmer climes.

After ticketing the rescuers the officer then went to the local mall and told children in line there was no such thing as Santa Claus.

Oops - wrong thread. See previous.

(drumroll) and the a-hole of the year for 2010 ten is....


ok that was a really weird typo. subtract ten from above.

I forgot to mention that after he told the kids in line there was no such thing as Santa Claus, he ticketed each one of them for loitering.

Just let Prancer go, man.

This still seems like a plot to Reno 911. Or even the Andy Griffith show. "ANGE....they were breaking the LAW..." "Barney give me your ticket pad and your bullet and get in the squad car."

And MD government just gets dumber and dumber.

LeDud - definitely. It's like when Barney arrested everyone in town, including Aunt Bee.

Maybe next time the guy could actually, I don't know, say...help them get the deer out of the water?


After ignoring orders from the police not to get involved, a ticket was really all they could expect.


If they'd waited a little longer and then pulled it out they would have been ticketed for poaching.

Jim to Khalil: I said, "Let's go grab us an ice-cold beer!"

*snork* @ SW.

I herd that one already.

In NH, an officer has no discretion on a PFD violation -- it's an automatic ticket, unlike lack of other required boat equipment, which usually gets a warning. The "Samaritans" were lucky they were not arrested for illegal "taking" of wildlife, which can involve jail time and confiscation of equipment; or reckless endangerment. The ticket may be overruled, but the point was made.

Speaking of points, deer have sharp hooves; with just an inflatable boat, I'd pass the buck to someone else.

They should have just taken off all their clothes and claimed to be part of a polar bear club.

To keep from having to watch something suffer and die, a fine and some exercise would be worth it.

Good Samaritans Face Fine After Rescuing Deer From Icy Water

i'm glad their face was fine after being in that icy water .....

(did someone forget an apostrophe?)

I absolutely agree with diane. I would pay the fine happily knowing I had saved the deer. Jeff, I was a paramedic for years. I was at a car wreck once where we had four high school wrestlers stuck in a car down in a ditch. Two of them were in the backseat of the two door Toyota Corolla. Four of us paramedics finally got them out of the car but we couldn't get them back up the embankment on the backboard because it was sleeting and we kept sliding. We finally hooked a rope to the backboards and pulled them up by using the ambulance. Two Highway Patrol officers stood and watched us struggle for the entire hour and never once offered to help. They don't like to get dirty.

I suddenly forgot how to hyperlink...sorry. But meanwhile in Oregon....http://twitpic.com/3i4auv

nc -- Deer in many parts of Maryland are so over populated they are considered disease vectoring, auto wrecking vermin.

Cheryl's link. That may be true, bonmot, but I still think they're beautiful.

Perhaps they should quit whining about their tickets and start checking themselves for ticks.

Happy Winter Solstice everyone. The good news here in LA is that the torrential rains are taking our minds off the potential tsunami warning from the 7.4 quake in Japan. Also, Kardashians melt in the rain.

I blame Al Gore.

NOW we are being told the reason we are getting MORE snow this year is because of "Global Warming"! Since the polar ice caps are melting they say it increases the humidity in the air, hence more snow..

Let me think that one through again...

Didn't you hear, EB? The debate is over. That means, no thinking allowed.

Gratuitous weather info: Snow and cold aren't exactly the same thing. For example here in Etlenna, we often get winter lows in the teens and twenties, but it rarely snows then because the air is too dry. When we get snow it will usually be at or just below 32 degrees, with high humidity. The warmer it gets in the winter, the more likely we will have snow.

There's a time to uphold the letter of the law and there's a time to uphold the spirit of the law, unfortunately some people in uniform cannot tell the difference.

I wonder if Dolly Parton would've been booked for not having flotation devices.

Mott, Dolly would simply not have been ticketed - bad PR for the DNR. Although great PR for Dolly.

pogo, I'm originally from the great state of Georgia. You're absolutely right. It can be 50 degrees and they'll call for snow. We would all laugh and the next day there would be snow. Now I watch the Atlanna weather because for some odd reason it always crawls up the I-85 corridor, whatever that is, and hits us doubly hard. Usually our first words are " It's (insert weather problem here) in Atlanta. I guess we're gonna get it " and we usually do. Keep the snow away alright?

Betcha that cop's Karma is that he is stampeded by very angry Bucks in the spring! Tell all of the deers you know, quick!

Geez...having been a police officer for 30 years and accustomed to dealing with actual problems, murders, robberies etc., the level of idiocy of some in the enforcement field still makes me reel with astonishment that they apparently have so much time on their hands.

Heh. Any of the several hundred officers I had working for me knew that issuing a violation ticket under such circumstances would result in them being delegated to washing police cars until they either quit or retired.

Crazy Stupid...

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