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December 31, 2010


New Year's Eve ball drop for Snooki changes venue

(Thanks to Annie Where-but-Seaside-Heights-NJ)


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What's the big deal? My balls dropped when I was 13.

Was Snooki on hand, Mot?

Having better things to do than watch whatever show Snooki is on (solitaire on my computer, usually), I know nothing about her except what I've read here.
Based on that, I'll "correct" Meanie's comment. "Was Snooki hands on, Mot?"

Dave, there should have been a WARNING accompanying that face.

I agree, Jeff.... Can we have the ball drop ON Snookie? Now, THAT's Entertainment!

Or just drop Snooki. Either way.

eil, I agree.

Let's drop the ball on Snooki. If not an actual wrecking ball, at least a paper mache one so we can symbolically...

Skankin' New Years Eve.

Dick Clark, where are you???

Snooki ball?

The mind boggles!

Here's a better picture of Snooki.

*forebombs wiredog*

If you don't want to have to watch it tonight, here she is in the ball.

also firebombs

""I'm gonna be like a friggin' hamster," Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi told USA Today...." What is she now, a rat?

I don't know what the deal is. She's about as attractive as a case of chlamydia. If Sally Fields was nicknamed "Frog" in Smokey, this ho is "Roadkill Toad".

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