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December 22, 2010


And let us not forget, at this special time of year, humbug.

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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You have got to be kidding. They were put on detention for handing out candy canes? I could understand if they had been throwing fruitcakes. Those can be dangerous, although I can bake a wonderful fruitcake. I'm so glad my kids are out of school.

I told my daughter about this story and this was her response.
My friend gave out chocolate brownies and got suspended when we were in school. They were made of chocolate laxatives but that's besides the point….
Sometimes I really don't want to know what they did when they were in school.

Apparently somebody got a stick up their butt for last Xmas, and it's still there.

"They said the candy canes are weapons because you can sharpen them with your mouth and stab people with them."

True, but the teeny little 2" canes they were giving out are no frickin' good for that. My older sister demanded at least a good 6" stick for proper range and penetration. I still have puncture scars.

...and that they should keep their cheer to themselves


at least a good 6" stick for proper range and penetration
Heh, heh, heh, "penetration."

And those sweaters can cause blindness!

(Seriously, are the school officials dipping into the egg nog a bit early, ya think?)

Don't give the TSA any more ideas!

TSA = Terroristic School Authorities

apparently spreading grumpiness is o.k.

Can we deport the principal? Maybe to Maryland.

This school is not far from here. Calls to a local radio station here in DC said that these guys were doing nothing wrong. Just overzealous, numbnuts school control freaks. Who but an idiot would claim that candy canes are dangerous weapons or that ersatz-Glee boys were exacerbating seasonal depression? Someone grasping for a reason to justify their stupid lack of judgment, that's who.

♫ O candy cane, O candy cane,
You’re minty and delightful!

O candy cane, O candy cane,
You can be very spiteful!

Especially when I lick you hard
To weaponize the whole schoolyard

O candy cane, O candy cane,
I love you, every biteful. ♫ ♫

The striped shiv. West Side Story with candy canes instead of switchblades.

Horrors! And I bet they even have pencil sharpeners in that school!
Suspend the teachers and administration for aiding and abetting in manufacture of dangerous weapons.
After all, the pen is mightier than the candy cane.

When candy canes are outlawed, only outlaws will have candy canes. And Christmas sweaters.

I like Christmas sweaters!

"Principal Amy Etheridge-Conti says ... "

A school administrator who's highfalutin' enuf to hyphenate ... makes me contemplate the benefits of projectile regurgitation ...

After the kids did leave,
with a mighty "humbug" and heave,
did the Grinch step out of the Principal's suit,
and sigh with satisfaction that he'd crafted such reaction!

For he had once again stopped Christmas cheer
and did it without even a beer
For not only was his heart two sizes too small,
his brain was too, in fact, he often lost it at the mall.

With apologies to Dr.Suess

Can we please dispense with this canard that people get more depressed this time of year?! The CDC has charts showing incidents of suicide and depression decrease around the holidays. And a school administrator is belching this crapola? Give me a cane-shiv, please!

I feel like Christmas has come early. Sharkie, where have you been?? Are you checking in to make sure us 'girls' aren't talking about you behind your back again?

Now if the boys want to cornhole in the locker room, that's ok.

Ya never know people, but there was a comment, I think from the principal, who cannot make the details public, that there is nothing wrong with the candy or sweaters, but that things did get out of hand. Which I know as a teacher, can happen in two seconds in any classroom, hallway, or teachers' lounge.

I. for one, am happy to celebrate any dang day they give me!

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