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December 29, 2010


More Canadian bar owners may soon be giving slightly smaller liquor shots to customers because of a costly discrepancy between Canadian and U.S. systems of measurement.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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O, the humanity!

I'm guessing they won't be reducing their prices to correspond with the reduction in volume.

Not only that, I suspect prices will increase to cover the higher cost of the custom-made shot glasses...

The only "cost discrepancy" coming out of Canada I'm worried about is how much their booze costs in the first place.

Have you tried to buy a bottle of Crown Royal lately?! Ouch.

Apparently we are drinking Canada Dry.

So now they just put their thumb further into the shot when they pour?

and *snork* @ NotSherly!

Apparently a millilitre or two between friends can add up. What's the Loon trading at nowadays, anyway?

We should cut off all diplomatic relations with them, and close the borders immediatly.

*tossed Celine Dion into Saskatchewan*
Ok, NOW you can close the borders.

"Not everything that can be counted, counts. Not everything that counts can be counted."

-- Albert Einstein.

Quebec, natuarally, has surrendered...

Thanks for the quote Cheesewiz. Now I have a headache. Does this mean we are going to attack Canada?

LOL *snork* @ NotSherly !!

They're gonna need a bigger toe...


Not as long as they end their fling with the metric system.

We could have avoided this whole thing if we'd JUST learned the metric system... However, I su*k at math, so I'll just have more shots...

OH NO !!! If I had to do math for every drink, I'd be a freakin' GENIUS !!!

Like most Canadians, I have no clue what the metric sytem measurements mean. And I suspect that very few people in our government know either.

I simply go into a store and ask for something like a 2 by 4, and generally get approximately what I wanted.

William Shatner will deal to his fellow Canadians. Boldly going where no man has poured before.

Afkat, you'd simply have to ask for a 50 x 100 instead. would that be so bad?

You rang?

Quote that arose frum the dark recesses of my mind, upon readin' this ...

"A rose is a rose is a rose ... but an ounce by the metric system is a short shot ... "

(Attributed to Alfred Einstein ... NO, the bartender @ Charlie's, NOT that other one ...)

Afkat ... r.e. your comment on another thread: Yeah, we're very similar in many ways, us USofA & Canadian folks ... I've got kinfolk who live above 49, and they call it "Rye" while we call it "Whisky" ...

Mot' ... yeah, but ... can you visualize how HUGE that sucker would be? (Actually, it'd be approximately the size of a sheet of plywood ... USofA measurement, of course ... )

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