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December 29, 2010


Florida tops odd news in 2010

(Thanks to many people)


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'[H]ead-butted a street preacher who called him a sinner' could be freedom of speech, freedom of religion or potentially both.

No raining iguanas this year?

Duh, Meanie - raining iguanas only occur in odd years.

"..mucous from a giant snail in a religious ceremony..."
Best thing about being agnostic is that while we may have ceremonies, no one knows the schedule or where they're held.

No I didn't send this, but I did send in some other shocking "who would have thunk it?" news:

Women think about food more than sex.

Now THIS is why, as a Canadian, I own a condo in Florida...from time to time it is nice to visit someplace a little nuttier than where I live...

If I'm not mistaken most of those things were on this very blog!

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