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December 27, 2010


Think we can get one of these for The Blog?

(Thanks to everyone in the universe)



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The gift that keeps giving.

The new dribble glass. Sidle up beside a buddy (or enemy) and poke up the bottom of his cup.

i thnk we have to.

Methinks nobody on the planet would regift that.

42 beers a minute? I guess I'll have to buy two.

Can't wait for video of the night crew trying to shotgun that thing, and the related police/medical report.

Another entry to the mystery column.

MRI technician: "I see the problem right here. This patient has been drinking 47 Bottoms Up® draft beers.


I hope no one tries to sit on that.

I never really believed in magic, until just now...

DO they make one of those for wine???

If they fill the glass up through the bottom, just how do you actually drink the beer?

Evidently there's a magnetic seal at the bottom of the cup, so if it fails does it look like what happens when you blow a seal?

Can you find your way home using magnetized beer as a compass?

The web site needs more details.

The first person to choke on the magnet in the cup will be from:
A. Florida
2. Niceville
IV. Montpelier

And will, of course, promptly sue.

Hey! It's just ice cream.

That's what the penguin said.

That would keep you in front of a urinal until you couldn't stand anymore. Then it would get awkward.

How does it work, exactly? How does it get the beer in through the bottom of the cup without the beer then spilling through the bottom when taken off the dispenser?


Do not question the magical beer dispenser thingy!

@siouxie... wine would be a beautiful addition.

Have a beer and screw that world peace gig. Hanachristsaturnazaativus is over spamman.

The Spam-Man was partially right: This product would definitely bring about world peace. Belly up to the bottoms-up bar!

Does it come with an Uzi salted peanut attachment?

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