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December 29, 2010


Unfortunately, our strict policy against making fun of names prohibits us from presenting today's edition of Academicians in the News.

(Thanks to Andrew Hoenig)


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Hey, be nice. She seems sweet.... and anything's better than Phuket.

Thank you, man(g).

I'd take her class. What does she teach?

Her parents wanted her to be a dentist.

Fangs, Dave.

That's DOCTOR Fang, if you're nasty.

Information Security with Dr. Fang® would be interesting.
Not to be confused with this fellow.

> smooches pad < for simul-post

Call her Fang for short.

Fang Fang, Lang Lang. These people don't have a lot of imagination when it comes to naming their children do they?

OW! Dangit MOTW!

Gonna have to dig the ol' turtleneck out of my dresser...

Dammit Jim, I'm a Doctor not a vampire.


she was accused of having fun with students.

In addition, Dr. Fang also serves as the Associate Editor the journal of Decision Support Systems since 2006.

Did anyone else notice the editorial error in the first sentence of her bio?

Mazar - don't even 'gets' me started on stuff like that.

In China, a double name is supposed to be good luck, at least, according to a documentary on pandas explaining how Ling Ling got that name.

Imaginin' whut it wuz like in her student days, for roll call ...


"You're welcome ... "

OTOH, wonderin' if ennybuddy here is old enuf to recall the time Dave put sumthin' sorta like this on the blog, and the professor ... I fergit right now, but there wuz sum kinda connection ... SO ... bein' the bold soul (read: Damfool idjit) that I do be ... I looked for his Bona Fides and such online, and I actually PHONED him ... and ... the idea wuz that he gnu about it, and he din't, becuz SOME OTHER PERSON had sorta fudged the report ...

We wuz SO busted ... (mebbe that's part of why Dave no longer links this sorta thing?)

Anyone remember that?



And then there's this classic
typhoon name

There's a restaurant in the Dallas suburb of Plano called Fang Fang. It'd be funny if she ate there during a visit to the area.

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