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December 26, 2010


(Thanks to Loudmouth and Scott MGS)


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That's very funny! Poor Jack. Now he'll never get that Russian GSh-18 pistol he asked for. You don't mess with the fat bearded guy in the red suit!


Which of the reindeer turns out to be a mole?

Jack has gone Christmas rogue.

I've seen this before. A classic.

"You're on the naughty list, Jack. The naughty list."

Those scenes of Jack are cut from a real show, I assume. Anyone know what the actual dialogue was?

I think the knife to the eye was Jack's way to deal with Morris. Something about his Lakers tickets.

Marwan Christmas!

Can't see the links today at work either. Hope my IT person got coal in his stocking.

If Kris Kringle was carrying a nuke package.....would Jack get tough ? Is the Pope Catholic ?

Maybe this is why Kiefer attacked that Christmas tree last year.

Yes, Cheapest Football Jerseys, Judi's three words were quite insightful. We look forward to your next post which will, of course, not be on this blog. However, if it does end up here, even accidentally, we'll hire someone to gnaw your legs off. Just thought you should know.

Growing up, the only Santa I saw was my uncle who was on dinner break from patrol duty as a policeman. He wore his service revolver outside the Santa suit.

I always assumed Santa was packing. I guess I'm ready for life in Miami when the day comes.

Where's Chloe? The hottie, taser-packin' elf? In Santa's perimeter?

would snow boarding him be considered torture?

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