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November 27, 2010


Is squirrel the perfect austerity dish?

(Thanks to The Big Uke)


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*looks up austerity*


If I were so poor that I had to subsist on squirrel, I might try selling my children first.

Looks like Dave isn't the only one who dislikes squirrels.

Bloodthirsty Pooches WBAGNFA Baldwin Brothers TV Movie of the Week.

I had to look it up too, Siouxie. As far as I can tell austerity=cheap. I have Georgia relatives that eat squirrel because they like it. I differ greatly from them in that opinion.

Squirrel and dumplings! Biscuits with squirrels' head jelly! Mmmmmm!

Having hunted squirrels in my youth, I don't know how someone gets good enough at it without starving first.
I never actually succeeded and I was a pretty fair shot.

I've eaten squirrel. It's not bad. Very tough.

Squirrel is very tasty! My grandfather was a crack shot with his .22. I had it a couple summers that I spent with my grandparents. The other half of the equations is, of course, my grandmother who was such a great cook that I'd have gone back for seconds on fried sneakers!

Saute' it in PBR - then you have an austere dish.

Squirrel and possum - Granny Clampett's favorites.

Has it been deep fried yet?

There's nothing uncommon, at least in the more rural parts of the country, about having squirrel. I grew up in the Ozarks; my dad was an avid squirrel, deer and rabbit hunter, and I hunted squirrel myself when I was a boy. We were by no means poor, either.

Now if you want a true "austerity" dish, there's raccoon. Which was on the dinner table of a grade-school classmate from a truly poor family one night when I went over to visit.

There's also groundhog, which my grandmother had Great Depression-era recipies for...but mercifully didn't prepare for us.

You blog folks are too kind. Thought I would have to feel ashamed of GA again. I live in a very, very rural area, and quite a few people do eat squirrel because they like it. Ditto for turtles. Ew. Worst I've ever seen was something described to me as Mulligan Stew. I was told "anything" goes in it, leftovers, etc. Then I saw the pigs head, eyeballs still intact. I still have nightmares.

I love how the photo they have is of a big fox squirrel in front of the White House - not a grey squirrel, not Georgia. But hey - squirrel!

Squirrel takes exactly like chicken. Mixed with squirrel.

They are delicious when prepared correctly, like nearly everything else on this planet. Gotta par-boil them first or they're tough.

Ate many squirrels in my youth in East Texas. It has a better taste than beef or chicken. Possums, raccoons, armadillos? Nope.

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